Boehm's Candies: more Diversity Sucks Black African Female in Swiss Traditional Dress

Boehm’s Candies was started by a white Swiss Immigrant somewhere around WWII.

Boehm’s has placed a  Black woman in traditional Swiss dress to appeal to the PC diversity crowd . I find this disgusting and pathetic.Are white people so over, so evil, that the store has to hide it’s white heritage?

 It hasn’t been  American blacks or Haitians or Somalians who have kept their store alive and thriving for decades , but white Americans.

Issaquah, Washington was practically a segregated community  until Boeing and Bill Gates imported darkies from around the world to take American jobs.

Are they afraid the SPLC will use them for their next witch hunt fundraising campaign unless they use a black on the home page?

By the way, all their stores are in white, upper-class neighborhoods. They have never placed a store in the Central area of Seattle nor Detroit nor South Chicago. I guess they know they would be robbed by Blacks with guns.


I was going to buy from them for Valentine’s day, in honor of my grandmother who loved their chocolates and who died on Valentines Day, but this would be insulting to her memory now.

ps some bimbo named Jasmine ( black name very ghetto) wrote in to tell me that I was wrong and there were pictures of employees all over the site and that the black female in Swiss clothing was really accidental and an employee. Not true, if you are going to comment keep your lies straight.

phone: 425-392-6652 fax: 425-557-0560

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0 Responses to Boehm's Candies: more Diversity Sucks Black African Female in Swiss Traditional Dress

  1. Anonymous says: Jasmine
    I think you are totally mistaken! This girl used to work there and there are pictures of different workers on their website. They did not pick her because of her color or race, but because she worked there! Get your facts straight!

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:



      I think you are completely niave how white people are being excluded from media pictures and the dark skinned people are now dominant in all media outlets.
      They were obviously making a play for the Obama PC rainbow diversity crowd by placing a black woman ( and most likely a somalian immigrant too) in white eurpoean national dress on the front page. If she was on the back page it would still be an afront.
      I don’t buy the story for a moment. waiting to hear when Boehms will open a store in a black ghetto.

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