Update Murderous Mexican Teen OMAR MAGANA arrested:Triple Mexican Stabbing in Gresham Or- 4 Generic Mexicans Triple Stabbing of three illegal Mexicans GERARDO SOTO, JOSE SOTO: taxpayers pay for Hospital Bill

Triple Mexican Stabbing inGresham Or- 3 Generic Mexicans Omar Magana Triple Stabbing of  three illegal Mexicans GERARDO SOTO, JOSE SOTO: taxpayers pay for Hospital Bill

On February 1, 2010 Gresham Detectives began receiving tips from the public regarding a possible location of stabbing suspect 17 year old OMAR MAGANA of Portland. Detectives set up surveillance of an undisclosed Fairview location and waited. Before long a vehicle left the residence with Detectives following close behind. On I-84 near NE 162nd marked units caught up with the suspect vehicle and made the traffic stop. At 5:51 pm OMAR MAGANA was taken into custody without incident. He is currently being interviewed by Gresham Detectives and will eventually be lodged at JDH. MAGANA will be charged with the following:Two counts of Attempted Murder bail $500,000.00
Three counts of Assault I bail $750,000.00

Once again for the thousandth time let me point out the cost of the invasion. Four Illegal wetbacks have run up another tab at a local hospital when legal Americans can’t afford needed health care at the same hospitals. The Police should have left them there to die.

Suspect Named in Triple Stabbing
Gresham Police Dept – 02/01/10

Omar Magana

Omar Magana

RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2010
CASE NUMBER: 10-1219

On January 31, 2010 at 12:34 am Gresham Police were dispatched to a fight in the area of NE 177th and NE Couch. It was learned that three people   illegal mexicans were stabbed in that fight then transported themselves to Mount Hood Medical Center.

(mexicans know the system: americans will pay for all their crimes. They didn’t even think what will this cost us? because they will never pay the bill)

 Gresham Detectives were called out to investigate. During the course of this investigation it was determined that 17 year old OMAR MAGANA of Portland

(yes Portland is now Mexico with sanctuary status for illegals)  is involved.

 OMAR is described as a male Hispanic,   foriegn national, criminal illegal alien, Aztlan warrior, mexican, spic wetback but not hispanic because that is a word created by the Feds to hide the invasion)

5’8″, 140 lbs, black hair and brown eyes. He is currently wanted on two counts of Attempted Murder.

 whereabouts are unknown at this time and Gresham Detectives are asking for the public’s help in finding him. If you know where he maybe do not attempt to contact him and call 911 immediately. If you have any other information as it relates to this case call our tip line at 503-618-2719.

The victims,co-criminals illegal mexicans : a 17 year old juvenile & Deport  JOSE SOTO, are both out of ICU and are currently in what the hospital says is “stable condition”. The other victim, Deport GERARDO SOTO, was treated and has since been released from the hospital.

Sgt. Richard Wilson
Pager 503-301-5182

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0 Responses to Update Murderous Mexican Teen OMAR MAGANA arrested:Triple Mexican Stabbing in Gresham Or- 4 Generic Mexicans Triple Stabbing of three illegal Mexicans GERARDO SOTO, JOSE SOTO: taxpayers pay for Hospital Bill

  1. azbc214 says:

    HAHAHA dumbass white fat bitch, lemme tell you something you can hide behind a blog, whatever you think is good. But if we are “criminals” as you say then do something about it. you can run your fat ass mouth all you want but you can’ ever do shit to put me down, much less my race.haha im proud of the color of my skin,FUCK YOURS there lol there goes my “free speech” got a problem with us criminals then don’t hide behind a deportation, thats bs step up, coward. Hijo de puta, cogido perro. Lol, all i can do is feel sorry for your ignorant ways, your go or even remeber you, your gonna die some fat disgustinng poor bitch in oregon, and no one will miss you, your kids won’t make anything of themeselves, and you can cry yourself to sleep every night be my guest. but deep inside you know your life, cause etc. is pointless and has gone to shit. -crakr Jack

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bryan Orozco
    This article is hella fucking dumb and ignorant, how the fuck you gonna write that all the people involved in this shit were ILLEGAL!!! bitch get ur facts straight before u start writing SHIT..!!! If only u could really sit on the computer any longer and do some more searching u would find that they pay their own fucking medical bills!!! Aint no fucking state helping them unless they have kids to claim on welfare… bitch thats why u should keep u thoughts and writing to urself, cuz thier not facts and ur ass should be charged with defamation!!! I agree with crakr Jack, ur some fat white bitch with nothing else to do on ur time besides sit and complain on other people’s lives cuz ur’s aint shit!!

  3. [No Name] says:

    okayee, first i have to say that your the most ignorrent person ALIVE! did you know that white people molest, rape, kidnap and murder people too? were not all “MEXICANS” dumb bitch, theres guatemalans, puertoricans, cubans, boricuas, dominicans Etc. And no bitch Omar Magana is not illigal. Oh and the word “Hispanic” , that is not to sugar code anythinqq or whatever the fuckk you think. it is pretty much like the word Latina or Latino, its a word that comebines all the races into one. Ohh and as were all being Racist here, let me say a cupple thinqs about white people. who do you think you guys are fooling, do you see the news? most of the kidnappers, molesters, and killers are WHITE!!! you guys are stupid, immature, ignorent, and beyond! I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.
    therefore, you an idiot. RACIST BITCH(:

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      well, an Asian Judge in California today decided she liked illegal aliens hispanics so much that she is allowing them to pay instate tuition at Ca schools, while non hispanic 12 th generation Americans from other states have to pay out of state tuition. It sorta looks like Americans are being shafted in favor of the mostly mexican illegals.

      thanks for sharing.Proof once again that hispanics are the most racist group around and completely hateful towards whites.
      “White” by the way is also an umbrella term, and many who are called White are not white in my book.
      Nice to see that illiteracy among that wonderful group of social parasites called Hispanics or Latinos is as strong as ever.
      Yes, everyone knows that it’s not just Mexicans who are illegal and brown in the US. It’s simply easier to focus on one group and since most are from Mexico and since Mexico started the Invasion and is usally the gateway for other illegals of let us say ” hispanic origin, it has been decided to simply use the word mexican when writing about the illegal brown scum.

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