OHSU Oregon Health Sciences University Has Bed Bugs Brought by the Invaders: Mexicans !Africans! Asian ! Illegals


 Add bed bugs to the cost of the invasion.

 OHSU- the hospital that takes in all the mexican illegals who been knifed or in a car wreck has bed bugs. Way to go Oregon! At OHSU – the signs and literature are in Mexican and English. I have sat next to illegal aliens from Mexico at OHSU with their free spanish interpreter, been pushed aside by loud mexican families with anchor babies, as they yelled on their cell phones and cut ahead of me in line. They are getting free medical and paying for it in bed bugs, not cash, because Hardworking Mexicans and other Ugly Immigrants are always an economic drain.


 Sign above was taken at OHSU ‘s parking gargage.

NPR’s article managed to write about bedbugs and never mention open borders, illegal aliens or the mass invasion from third world countries. Hows that for evasive non-journalism?For 50 years The United States did not have bed bugs, then the invasion of mass immigration and illegal aliens occurred..

Visiting hours are over for bedbugs at OHSU

By Susan Gage, The Oregonian

September 24, 2008, 8:47PM

Hoping to squash a bedbug incursion, Oregon Health & Science University Hospital has sealed off part of its main lobby for decontamination after discovering the insects escaping from a patient’s belongings Saturday.

Hospital staff spotted the unwelcome visitors crawling from a fanny pack that had been stored for safekeeping with other patients’ belongings for two weeks, according to a hospital spokeswoman. A search revealed more bugs in the offices surrounding the patient admitting area.

“We talked to our outside experts who deal with bugs, and they said you need to treat it aggressively and quickly,” Liana Haywood, a spokeswoman, said.

Bedbugs are wingless, red-brown insects close to the size of an apple seed at their biggest. They hide in cracks in furniture, floors and walls during the day and emerge at night to suck people’s blood. Bites leave small clusters of extremely itchy, red welts. But studies have found that bedbugs aren’t effective carriers of any human diseases.

Insecticides suppressed them for the past half century, but they appear to be bouncing back in the United States and Europe. They can survive as long as several months without eating.

A 2005 Canadian study found bedbugs in nearly a third of the homeless shelters in Toronto. Researchers surmised the pests readily spread from place to place in personal belongings.

At OHSU, pest-control workers are removing all the furniture from the offices for off-site decontamination, Haywood said. The hospital is considering tearing up all the carpet and replacing it in the affected area.

A search of the patient’s room found no bedbugs, Haywood said. The hospital disposed of the mattress the patient used and steam-cleaned the room.

The cleanup will take weeks, Haywood said. Patient admitting is taking place in offices down the hall past the gift shop.

“We don’t have any estimates exactly on the costs,” she said. “We decided it’s more important to protect patients and employees rather than let it become a lingering problem.”

State health inspectors opened an investigation Wednesday after learning of the incident from The Oregonian. State regulations don’t require hospitals to report insect infestations, said Ron Prinslow, manager of the state’s health care licensure and certification program.

“We’ll go on-site and verify whether they took appropriate steps,” Prinslow said. “I don’t think there is any way they could have prevented this.”

More on Living in an apartment full of “immigrants”:

From New York City_ Infested with Illegal aliens from Everywhere:

My sister lives in another building in my complex. Someone on her floor had an infestation of thousands of bedbugs; they traveled out of the apartment into other apartments on the floor, plus they went up and down the building through electrical outlets. Everyone on the floor had their apartments treated three times with caustic chemicals. My sister said her eyes were burning. She felt ill.Then they started using another exterminator that used steam heat instead of chemicals. A lot of furniture was ruined. I don’t know what method they are using now.

I haven’t heard of any new bug sightings in our complex recently, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. Building management keeps it close to the vest.


This pisses me off so much, i didnt even know bedbugs  Mexican Illegals existed until our apartment became infested with them.

Damn dormant creatures   iLLEGAL ALIENS have been living with us for around 8 months, but we had no clue what they were until the exterminator came and said that we had bedbugs.mexicans.

I honestly thought it was a joke, who the fuck has heard of bedbugs  mexicans in oregon ….anyways we told the landlord who said it wasnt bedbugs illegal aliens from mexico and kind of that was that.

So we all second guessed ourselves and continued living in a horrible situation,and paying nyc rent which is outrageous even if you dont have bugs crawling around. We were finally able to break our lease and we’re moving out in two days.

But I’m paranoid that we’re going to bring them with us to our new place. I’ve been reading articles related to bedbugs saying that they can hide out for up to a year, so how the hell are we..or anyone for that matter…supposed to know when we’re truly and absolutely done with this disgusting situation? I mean its 3 am and I cant sleep because I just saw one Mexican prancing around on my bedframe. This is really an outrage to find so many similar stories.

I don’t understand how this soon to be epidemic??? is somehow the fault of the tenants occupying the space. We’ve spent so much money in exterminator fees, throwing out things we’ve bought that became infected, or even just cleaning bills. Yet we’re not being reimburst. This is ludicrus. I wish I had DDT and I’d attack the damn bugs  Mexicans…of course quickly running away right after so I wouldn’t die myself. Oh well, my rant is sadly over… G’night and don’t let your bedbugs Mexicans bite!

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