Blacks Gangs Shoot four Time Square Easter New York City- Obama's cousins Murder

Once again the Media hid the race of the perps, although everyone knows right away it wasn’t german or irish gang members responsible.

The normalization of Violence in the United States. Since Obama took office I think Blacks think it’s open field day and they can do what they want to anyone they want. Ditto for Mulatto Mexican Illegals.

Is it just me or are Blacks in the US getting really nasty and violent? I mean more so then usual. Once again the media  hid the race of the criminals and hid the crime of extrme violence under the” boys will be boys will be gang members but so what clause”

NEW YORK, April 5, 2010

Four people were shot and dozens were arrested Monday in a mile-long stretch of Manhattan near Times Square in mayhem following the city’s annual auto show, police said.

 Black Gang members A group of teenagers and young adults ran amok, squaring off against one another and harassing pedestrians along a one-mile stretch of midtown near the Jacob A. Javits Center, where the New York International Auto Show is held, police said.

Chief NYPD spokesman Paul J. Browne said additional officers were on patrol because similar problems have happened during past auto shows.

“Young men looking for trouble afterwards,” he said of those arrested. “There have been incidents over the years. It’s something we watch over and we prepare for it in advance.”

Four people were arrested related to the shootings – three males ages 17 to 23 and a teenage girl – and investigators were still working to identify the gunmen. Fifty other people were arrested, mostly on charges of disorderly conduct.

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