OLEANDER LABIER Mexican Anchor Baby murdered by Mexican parents worst case of child abuse ever in Gresham

Beauty Queen Guadalupe Quintero and Boyfriend Abuse 5-Year-Old Oleander Labier to Death, say Police



 the media is focusing on the mother and her former beauty queen background ,rather then their mexican background.  It’s about mexican family values ,not that Lupe appears to be a half-breed mexican anchor baby who hooked up with a mexican gangster in a mexican slum called Gresham. Stop the Invasion: The mexican babies of the invaders are yet another burden to Americans.




RELEASE DATE: April 19, 2010
CONTACT PERSON: Sgt Rick Wilson 503-301-5182
CASE NUMBER: 10-4107

OLEANDER LABIER suffered through years of Child Abuse & Neglect at the hands of her father, CHRISTOPHER ROSILLO and GUADALUPE QUINTERO. After speaking with members of the Multi Agency Child Abuse Team and the East Metro Major Crimes Team this has been deemed the worst case of Child Abuse that anyone can ever recall investigating. Official cause of death won’t be released for weeks until the Medical Examiner’s report is complete, but there was certainly a pattern of physical abuse that has been going on for years.


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