Surenos Gang Member ROMAN, Carlos Steals Car In Vancouver Washington Tree City USA

Surenos Gang Member ROMAN, Carlos Steals Car In Vancouver Washington Tree City USA Looks like more of the California trash made it to clue-less Vancouver Wa. Brown Pride? Surenos Gang Member? Vancouver has become another Gresham or Washington County- Report the Tire company to ICE on Cinco De Mexico day.

Another reason Mexicans should be recycled into cat food.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office and Vancouver Police Department looking for Car Theft Suspect
Clark Co. Sheriff’s Office – 04/20/10


(photo attached)
Home Address Unknown
Hispanic Male
Black Hair, Brown Eyes
Height: 5-06
Weight: 150
Tattoos: Neck “Carlitos Jr” – Left Arm “Brown Pride” – Right Arm “Surenos”


On the morning of 04/17/10, a man identified as Carlos Roman accompanied the victim in this case, Brian DeLisle, when he drove to Tire Five Corners ((((((( Tire Five Corners is Hiring Illegal Mexicans Report to ICE)

at 9404 NE 76th Street. DeLisle Attached Media Files: 2010-04/1172/Carlos_Roman.jpg

When he returned to the tire store he discovered that his vehicle was gone. He was told that his companion had returned and asked for the keys under the guise that he was going to have to go get the money to pay for the tires.

The victim did not give Roman permission to take the car and it was evident at that time that some deception had been used to steal the car.

On the evening of 04/17 and the afternoon of 04/18, DeLisle’s Nissan 350-Z eluded police several times, both Vancouver Police and Washington State Patrol, it was reported that the driver was attempting to bait the police into pursuing it.

Brian DeLisle’s Nissan was recovered on the evening of 04/18/10, but Carlos Roman is still outstanding.

Both the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the Vancouver Police Department have probable cause to arrest Carols Roman for Theft of a Motor Vehicle and several counts of Attempt to Elude a Police Vehicle.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Carlos Roman is asked to call 9-1-1.

Prepared by:
Sgt. C. Rothenberger (360) 418-5304

a half hour later to check on the status of his vehicle.approximately went into nearby business that was in the same parking lot complex as the tire store. He returned DeLisle gave his car keys to the tire technician (with Roman at his side translating and conversing with the technician in Spanish). DeLisle and Roman arrived at the tire store, DeLisle and told the victim he had relatives at the mentioned tire store that would give him a good deal on a new set of tires for his 2004 Nissan 350-Z convertible. After Spanish speakingencountered Roman at a friend’s house and voluntarily took Roman to the tire store with him. Roman is

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