-CASMIRO PEREZ, Mexican Owner Double Eagle Construction Mexican Cited Reckless Driving Corvallis


wetback  Cited After Crashing into Auto Shop Building east of Corvallis (Photos)
Oregon State Police – 04/02/10Is Perez an illegal alien who hires illegal aliens? His Construction business did not pass the Everify test,which means he is not checking his hires to see if they are legal residents. Report him- Dont Hire him


A truck driver crappy mexican driver was cited by Oregon State Police (OSP) Friday morning after he drove his truck into the Freebird Auto Body shop building off Highway 34 east of Corvallis. There were several customers and employees inside but fortunately no one was injured. The driver was cited for Careless Driving.

According to OSP Sergeant Mark Davie, on April 2, 2010 at approximately 11:15 a.m. a truck pulling a large utility trailer, both loaded with concrete forms, was driven by  age 44, from Corvallis, on Highway 34. PEREZ attempted to turn into the entrance to his business, Double Eagle Construction Company, which is part of the same complex as Freebird Auto Body shop in the 29000 block of Highway 34. PEREZ was going too fast and collided into the auto shop building.

There were several employees and customers in the body shop but no one was injured.

Photograph Source: Oregon State Pollice

### http://www.oregon.gov/OSP ###

Attached Media Files: 2010-04/1002/040210.freebird.1.JPG , 2010-04/1002/040210.freebird.2.JPG , 2010-04/1002/040210.freebird.3.JPG

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