California water wars and whining Mexicans

 San Hannity’s TV show about the irrigation water shortage in

 California’s central valley takes place in Huron, CA and recent news

programs have shown Mexican farm workers lined up at food banks,

 tearfully embarrassed to be taking charity again.

Sean Hannity’s show about the supposed “plight” of greedy exploiters

trying to

farm the desert in western Fresno county was a real mob scene as tens

of thousands of protesters (other thousands couldn’t even get to the

mob scene)

waved their signs proclaiming their “victimhood” and shouted down

intelligent dissent.

Heck, the supposed “victims” even shouted down Democrats who were *on

their side!*

Hannity acted as though an activist who represented the salmon

fishermen along

the California and Oregon coast was being unreasonable for wanting the

delta smelt to thrive and sustain the salmon population.

The activist kept inviting Hannity to see what was happening to the

fishermen and

Hannity kept shouting back about how “unjust” it was to shut off the

farmers’ irrigation water.

Somebody responded that the farmers had *sold* their water rights to

southern California for many millions of $$$ and that’s why they were

cut off.

The program kept going back to the scenes of unemployed Mexicans

whining as they received 40 pounds of food for each member of their

family each month.

One whining Mexican woman received 320 pounds of free food to feed her


Mexicans are *born to whine*, you see. Whining is a survival skill for

Mexicans, they would be whining if they were still in the Mexico that

they’re so proud to be


Impoverished American senior citizens get 20 pounds of government

surplus food every TWO months, regardless of family size. Of course,

if each family member went to the food bank independently, each person

could get 20 pounds of food.

But you wouldn’t hear any of the White folks whining about how tough

it is to keep on struggling.

Poor White folks have been struggling in America for hundreds of


California water wars and whining Mexicans


 Yes, it’s horrible to hear people whine that they want to work instead

 of suckle off of the government teat.

Hey, I want to work too, and I’m an American. But I can’t work because


(1) health problems, and (2) unfair competition from the Mexicans. If

I was in perfect health, I wouldn’t be hired by a Mexican boss to do a

job that a Mexican can do.

There is no teat for the Mexicans to suck on in Mexico, so the Mexican

government tells them how to sneak into the USA and get on welfare and

take advantage of all of our various programs which Americans cannot

use without being almost totally destitute.

I was just reading Roy Beck’s newletter where he says that every

California taxpayer has to pay about $1100 every year to support

Mexican parasites.

In New Jersey, where there are far fewer Mexicans leeching off the

system, each taxpayer only pays $232.

Roy Beck says that there will be 18 million more people living in

California by the year 2050, and most of them will probably be


In a state that’s already overcrowded and polluted and having water

supply problems with 37 million people here, what are we going to do

to meet the water needs of 55 million people?

The county I live in has repeatedly been described as the most

polluted area in California. The air is full of methane from the

diaries, diesel smoke and particulates from the trucks that haul the

milk and produce to market,

dust from the farmers plowing the fields and fungus spores disturbed

by the plows.

Forget 2050, I don’t expect to live to see the year 2020, though, this

environment will probably kill me.

I am considering buying an industrial quality respirator and wearing

it everywhere to protest how bad the air quality is in the south

central valley.

Greedy farmers made it that way, with the help of the Mexicans they


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