ERIBERTO SUMANO ERASMO SANTANA Mexican Gang Members Busted Gresham Stabbing attempted Murder

Two Arrested for Attempted Murder in Gresham Stabbing
Gresham Police Dept – 04/29/10

( what was funny is they put the Beauty Queen Lupe Murderer in as his picture and ony caught it at the last moment) I don’t see how you can consider killing a mexican trash gang member illegal alien anchor baby as murder. There should be a bounty on illegal mexicans and their criminal spawn.

Eriberto Sumano

Eriberto Sumano


RELEASE DATE: April 29, 2010
CONTACT PERSON: Sgt Rick Wilson 503-301-5182
CASE NUMBER: 10-4735

On April 26, 2010 at 6:20 pm Gresham Police responded to a report of a man bleeding from the head at the Heatherwood Apartments, 765 SE Highway 26. The man was apparently attacked by two Hispanic male suspects who had already fled the scene. Upon arrival Officers found 19 year old JOEL LOPEZ-CHAVEZ of Gresham bleeding from multiple stab wounds to the head and body. LOPEZ was transported to an area hospital with non life threatening injuries. He was treated and released the next day. A short distance away Officers found an individual matching one of the descriptions given walking away from the area down Highway 26. He was later identified as a 19 year old ERIBERTO SUMANO a transient in the Gresham area. He was subsequently taken into custody for Attempted Murder.

The East Metro Gang Enforcement Team was called out to investigate. On April 27, 2010 at 1:25 am, during the course of their investigation, 14 year old ERASMO SANTANA of Gresham was arrested for Attempted Murder. SANTANA is currently lodged at JDH. LOPEZ is currently lodged at MCDC. The matter is considered gang related. Anyone that may have any additional information from that evening is encouraged to call the Gresham Police.

Attached Media Files: Eriberto Sumano

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  1. melpol says:

    It is sending good money after bad if an investor has to scrape the bottom of the American barrel to hire an employee. It takes a bullwhip to make them move. Most illegals are sound of mind and ready to work hard without supervision, They make a sound investment even at legal wages.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      you are so right Melvin- I mean we should really bring back slavery, its the only way to get americans to work hard. Let’s hire more illegals who rape , steal use fake id, and drive drunk. I mean it doesnt cost the American taxpayer anything to pay for their medical bills, their babies, food for their kids, housing, or the prison sentences. Its good that teenagers , americans over 40, the disabled and those with minor convictions are knocked out of the labor market.

  2. mexican porwer n support talibans says:

    white trash americans r gona go down ones da mexicans start dealing with bad talibans i hope they start goin over in mexico do som training to put this country down…………

  3. ms 13 says:

    well white people don have anithing beter to do so they take shiet about mexicans and they forgot that they were the firs illegals in the usa so if they wat to say anithing sait 2 are fase

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