SANDRA BULLOCK adopts Black African Baby with Jewish Bris

okay, now I know why her husband was screwing porn stars etc. Is Sandra Bullock so hung up on her body that she can’t have a baby normally?  This PC thing among Hollywood stars and rich white people to adopt black babies is really sickening. It’s so nice of nice white people to adopt little black and asian babies. It helps atone for the sin of being White and Rich.

SANDRA BULLOCK, 2010 Academy Award winner actress adopted a 3 1/2-month-old boy, Louis Bardo Bullock, who was born in New Orleans. Sandra Bullock said that she’ll be adopting the baby as a single parent. Sandra and Jesse James brought the boy home together in January. Sandra has decided to keep the baby name after great jazz musician, Louis Armstrong.

The latest news is that 45 year-old Sandra Bullock has filed for a divorce with Jesse James in Travis County Court in Austin, Texas. According to the sources, divorce paper is written that the couple will enter into agreement for the division of their estate. It also includes that the couple has no child less than 18 years of age who is entitled to financial support.The Oscar-winning star of ‘The Blind Side’, Sandra Bullock’s divorce news from her allegedly unfaithful husband Jesse James continues since the news of Jess James and Michelle McGee’s affair broke. James was having affairs with at least four women.Sandra Bullock moved out of the family home and returned to Los Angeles, into the Hollywood Hills home just after Jesse James news came. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were once considered to be in one of the rock solid relationships in Hollywood.

Sandra Bullock was seen without her wedding rings on April 16, when she was photographed hiking in Northern California. Bullock and James have been married for five years.

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