Seven Illegal Aliens From Mexico set fire to Cedar Villa Apts 435 N. Cedar Street Canby Oregon: mexican slums

| May 3, 2010 

click on link and watch the  video which proves it was an apartment complex taken over by Mexican Illegals. Jose V— interviewed and groups of only mexicans watching. just think if Oregon passed a law like Arizona-all those apartments would be empty!

 According to investigators, the fire started in an electric skillet while a family of seven was cooking breakfast in an upstairs corner apartment.

 cost of the invasion – you paid for the fire trucks

Mexican Illegal Family (or breeder cluster) living in a one room mexican slum in Canby set fire to the entire building by frying greasy mexican food in a skillet.

Way to Go!  More housing shortages due to rental properties burnt down by Mexicans.  The slum lord who owns this place must know about housing ordinances which do not allow seven people in a small one room apartment.

sadly, no mexicans died.

 CANBY, Ore. — A woman illegal alien wetback breeder suffered minor burn injuries in a Canby apartment fire that has displaced at least 24 people.illegal aliens who need to be deported

Firefighters were called to the Cedar Villa Apartments at 435 N. Cedar Street at 6:10 a.m. after a report of the fire. Crews saw flames shooting 30 feet into the air out of one apartment’s windows.

Concerned about the fire spreading to the rest of the building, firefighters called for three alarms to bring in extra firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Clackamas Fire District No. 1 and Molalla.

Neighbors said the flames created a chaotic scene.

“Everyone started screaming,” said Kaila Ruiz, (cousin of maria ruiz who gives head)who lives nearby. “I thought they were just being noisy and I look outside and I see the fire going on. And I tell all my family — I start to wake them up and tell them to evacuate.”

All of the 26 people  mexican border jumpers who lived in the building’s eight apartment units escaped the flames, but a woman in her 40s suffered burns to her chest.

26 people mexicans in eight apartments? Thats four to an apartment which is overcrowding-Thats also 8 apartments that Legal Low income Americans have no chance of renting.It’s called Displacement, something Rich Liberals have no concept of.

An ambulance took her to the hospital. Paramedics also treated one other person for smoke inhalation.

A fire department spokesman said the flames destroyed two apartments while four others sustained smoke and water damage.

According to investigators, the fire started in an electric skillet while a family of seven was cooking breakfast in an upstairs corner apartment.

The American Red Cross is helping the residents displaced by the fire by providing short-term food, shelter and clothing.How about Bus Tickets to Mexico?


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