Five Illegal Mexicans dead : Crappy Mexican Driving in Wyoming Maria D. Ruiz-Flores

Mexicans  write me relentlessly to tell me that God ( translation the God of Illegal Mexicans) is going to judge and punish all the gringos who ask that Mexicans obey our laws.After they wish a violent death on me and my family they tell me they will pray for me. Mexicans are Wacko. Maria Ruiz and four Mexican Illegals from Sanctuary City Portland Oregon are dead because they  had no business driving in icy weather, or   being in Wyoming. If they had self-deported they would still be alive.Maria Ruiz who gives head is dead 

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – The Wyoming Highway Patrol says all five people killed in a head-on collision on Interstate 80 were from Portland, Ore.

The Patrol on Tuesday released the names of three more of the people killed in the Thursday accident.

They are 24-year-old Antonio J. Castro-Flores, 23-year-old Anabel Hernandez-Ruiz and 4-year-old Araceli Y. Castro-Hernandez.

The Patrol had already identified the two other victims: 43-year-old Maria D. Ruiz-Flores and 17-year-old Jose A. Hernandez-Ruiz. The Patrol had said the two were from Gladstone, Ore., but now says they were from Portland, Ore.

Investigators say Ruiz-Flores was driving west when she lost control in icy conditions, crossed the grass median and hit an eastbound tractor-trailer about 40 miles east of Rawlins.


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