Update Krystal Mincher Arrested Deport Emilio Juarez-Florian of Gladstone-not American Driver

Update  Krystal Mincher Arrested  Deport Emilio Juarez-Florian of Gladstone-not American DriverWashington Co. Sheriff’s Offic

e – 05/07/10


 If Emilio had not committed criminal trespass and ID theft by crossing the border illegally and working illegally driving a truck, he would not have been hit by the American Woman. So the cops, treat him like a regular Joe not a Jose, and don’t check his immigration status, yet in the meantime, they are hunting down an American. Why? Because Washington County backs the Invasion,and  profits from it.Intel and the Growers want illegal aliens, so Washington County caters to Ilegal aliens and even lists all brown mexicans as white males to hide the takeover.
The cops are looking for the white American woman who hit the illegal mexican’s truck- most likely to arrest her because she is white and American and it’s Washington county , where all mexicans are listed as white males.
For all the Mexicans who hit Americans and get off with a ticket,which they don’t pay – I say – arrest and deport Emillo and let the woman off, cause thats how the Sheriffs deal with Americans. 

Emilio Juarez Is this you?

135 E Fairfield St

Gladstone, OR 97027-2109

(note he uses an alias like all mexicans-They bait and switch their last names, confusing the Gringos- a sure sign he is illegal)



Anibal G Gutierrez, Gutierrez Juarez, Florian Juarez


Woman Involved in Last Weeks Hit and Run Arrested
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 05/18/10


Summary of Event

Today a Sheriff’s Corporal took Krystal Ann Mincher into custody for the May 7th hit and run that left a semi truck on fire and her friend in the hospital. She told the investigator that she was afraid to stay on the scene because her license was suspended.

Full Details

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010, at about 11:00 a.m., the Sheriff’s Corporal assigned to the hit and run case from last Friday on SW Schols Ferry Road, took Krystal Ann Mincher into custody for charges stemming from that crash (Click here for the original press release).

Click to access PR-100507-1-Head-on-Crash-Scholls-Ferry.pdf

Last Friday, May 7th, Krystal Mincher, was driving her boyfriend’s car on SW Scholls Ferry Road in the community of Scholls when she lost control of the car and crashed into an oncoming semi truck. The truck burst into flames and the passenger in her car was eventually taken by Lifeflight to an area trauma center.

Ms. Mincher left the crash scene on foot and walked down the road a short distance when she was offered a ride into Hillsboro by a stranger. That man called in several days later and told the investigator that he had seen the coverage of the crash and realized he had picked up the suspect they were describing on the news.

The corporal was able to take the leads he gathered during the investigation and quickly named Krystal Mincher of SE Portland as the main suspect involved in the crash.

Today Krystal agreed to come into the station and talk to the investigator. She admitted to the crash and to leaving the scene. She said she was afraid because her license was suspended and she was not supposed to be driving.

Krystal was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail where she was booked on Hit and Run, Criminal Mischief I, and Assault IV. She was also cited for driving while suspended and driving uninsured.

The victim  in the case is recovering at home, the truck driver Emilio Juarez-Florian was not injured however his $200,000 truck was a total loss.
 Because He is an illegal alien. Mincher should not have talked to the police without an attorney present- big mistake there- While what she did was wrong, the Mexican she hit is also a criminal and should have had his immigration status checked and arrested also. Thats the double standards legal Americans face.

Attached Media Files: 2010-05/1128/PR_100518_Woman_Involved_in_Last_Weeks_Hit_and_Run_Arrested.pdf , 2010-05/1128/MINCHER,KRYSTAL_ANN_side.jpg , 2010-05/1128/MINCHER,KRYSTAL_ANN.jpg

Summary of Event
Early this morning a car traveling south on SW Scholls Ferry Road crossed the centerline at a corner and hit truck a semi truck traveling north head on. There were two occupants of the car, the driver of the car fled the scene. The passenger of the car sustained serious injuries and was life-flighted to Emanuel Hospital. The driver of the truck was not injured.

Full Details
On Friday May 7, 2010, at 5:22 am, Washington County deputies responded to a head on crash at SW Scholls Ferry Road north of Scholls-Sherwood Road in the community of Scholls. Deputies learned that a 2006 Dodge Charger driven by Krystal Ann Mincher age 24 of Portland was traveling south on Scholls Ferry Road above the posted speed limit. Ms. Mincher is also known as Krystal Usley. As Ms. Mincher was negotiating a sharp curve in the road, she crossed the center line. At the same time Emilio Juarez-Florian age 29 of Gladstone was driving his work truck north around the same corner.

Mr. Juarez-Florian saw the Charger in his lane of travel and he attempted to swerve to avoid a head on collision. The Charger driven by Ms. Mincher struck the right front corner area of the truck and spun out to a stop, landing off the road. A fire erupted in the truck and Mr. Juarez-Florian immediately jumped from the truck. He did not sustain significant injuries.

Both occupants of the Charger, Ms. Mincher and Carrie Smith age 24 of Bothell Washington, exited the vehicle. Ms. Mincher reportedly left the scene with an older white male driving a black pickup truck. Ms. Smith was located about two hundred yards south of the accident scene by a responding deputy. She was life-flighted to Emanual due to her injuries from the accident. Ms. Smith is in stable condition at the hospital.

The 2006 Dodge Charger belongs to Ms. Minchers’ ex-boyfriend. She did not have permission to take his vehicle.

Washington County Sheriff’s deputies are asking the public for their help. The Sheriff’s Office would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the accident or knows the identity of the man who took Ms. Mincher from the accident scene. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Krystal Mincher, AKA Krystal Usley, please contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-846-2700.

Attached Media Files: 2010-05/1128/PR_100507-1_Head_on_Crash_Scholls_Ferry.pdf , 2010-05/1128/Truck_2_(Small).JPG , 2010-05/1128/Charger_1_(Small).JPG , 2010-05/1128/Truck_1_(Small).JPG

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