Beaverton Police Honor Celeste C. Labore for nabbing Mexican Illegal Crook Sergio Nabor-Tellez,

 On May 4, 2010, the Beaverton Police Department held an awards ceremony. While there were several award recipients, the guests of honor were two Beaverton citizens, Celeste LaBore and Dorsett Peake.

More PC Horseshit from Beaverton- Illegal alien and crime capital of Diversity . In the Press release the Police carefully avoid noting that Labore caught a Mexican in her bedroom,not an American Citizen. If the Beaverton Police cracked down on illegals and checked for Immigration status, there would be a lot less crime. Arizona has it right, Oregon has it wrong.

BEAVERTON – Police are looking for people who may be victims of a serial burglar, but they haven’t reported anything missing.

If that isn’t enough to make the case unusual, there’s more: The accused burglar is thought to have been hitting apartments in the same complex for two to three years, and never taking anything big enough to trigger suspicion. That is, until he recently took cash and wedding rings belonging to a woman’s dead parents.

The burglar was caught after one of his victims set up a hidden camera to nab the person who’d been helping himself to belongings she kept in her bedroom, police say.

Sergio Nabor-Tellez, 39, was arrested Tuesday and charged with four counts of first-degree burglary and two counts of first-degree theft by receiving. Nabor-Tellez was held Thursday in the Washington County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

As it turns out, Nabor-Tellez was a total stranger to the woman who set up the camera.

“He had to be doing this to more than just me,” said Celeste C. Labore, 21, who lost cash, an iPod Nano and the wedding rings that belonged to her deceased parents.

“There are probably people who are victims who don’t even know that things are missing,” she said. “He never took anything big – only small things you might not notice was missing.”

Detective Pam Yazzolino, spokeswoman for the Beaverton Police Department, said police were hoping to speak with anyone else who lived at the Country Gable Apartments, 14900 S.W Scholls Ferry Rd. and may be missing property and hasn’t reported a break-in.

Labore said she first noticed that things were missing from her apartment about three months ago. “At first I thought I’d just been misplacing things,” Labore said.

She initially suspected a roommate because that person’s property was never taken. Finally, she set up a hidden video camera, and left cash on a bedroom night table.

On July 3, the camera caught an image of a stranger entering the bedroom, picking up the cash and pocketing it, Yazzolino said.

Police detectives identified Nabor-Tellea, another resident of the apartment complex, as the man who’d been breaking in. Police say he was using different keys he acquired to get into apartments, trying each key until he found the door it would open.

Yazzolino said Nabor-Tellez confessed to entering Labore’s apartment on four occasions. Labore said the burglar locked up when he was finished.

Throughout the investigation detectives recovered a large amount of stolen property — mostly jewelry and electronics — from Nabor-Tellez’s apartment as well as local pawn shops.

Among the material police recovered were two rings that had belonged to Labore’s deceased parents.

The Beaverton Police Department would like to return the remaining recovered stolen property to its rightful owners, Yazzolino said. Police are asking anyone who has not reported a theft or burglary while living at the Country Gable Apartments within the last 2-3 years, to contact Detective Chad Opitz at 503-526-2674.

“The guy who was doing this was living across the street from me and watching to know when I wasn’t home,” Labore said. “It’s creepy. I’m not staying there any more, that’s for sure.”

— John Snell;

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