DO NOT DONATE to Fund for Illegal Mexicans At Cedar Villa Apt Canby

They are illegal aliens who should be deported  and arrested for Criminal Trespass into the US. They do not deserve a dime from Americans. Canby is just a mexican gang slum because of illegals invading. stoptheoccupation.The fire started because the slum lord let seven mexicans live in one apartment. Taxpayers paid for the Firefighters and you can bet if the Fireman had to pay for these “victims” out of their paycheck they wouldn’t be so caring and giving.

Canby Fireifghters Fundraising Efforts Near $1000.00
Canby Fire Dist. – 05/07/10

Canby Firefighters teamed up with the Lee School PTA and the Harlem Wizards tonight and collected just shy of $1000.00 for the Cedar Villa Fire Victims. These gracious donations will be turned over to the Canby branch of Columbia State Bank’s under the name “Cedar Villa Disaster Fund” to help the 26 people displaced by the May 3rd fire. Thanks to everyone who helped with this fundraiser, especially the Lee Elementary School PTA for bringing this event to Canby. More than 1000 people illegal mexicans and anchor babies filled the stands and were entertained by the Wizards antics and amazing basketball ability. Monetary donations will be accepted at Columbia State bank through May 17th.


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