I want a Bounty On Illegal Aliens : Craigslist Oregon

I want a bounty on illegal mexicans

Date: 2010-05-11, 8:51AM PDT

Maybe we could turn in the ears like the old bounty on coyotes. Of course if you shoot a legal one there should be stiff penalties. Say a 20 dollar fine. No baiting allowed, you can’t shoot them in front of the taco truck.

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Of course the Fed up American who posted the above meant mostly mexicans, but I would like to add Indians , and Asians and Haitians and all other Latin Countries including Africa too. I also think that the punishment for coming to the US illegally should be irreversible sterilization, since most of them are Turd Worlders and they want Anchor Babies so they can get 200.00 a month in Food Stamps.

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0 Responses to I want a Bounty On Illegal Aliens : Craigslist Oregon

  1. scott says:

    yes it would be a good sport. the first ones would be easy to get then they would start to run oh good times.

  2. Dan KIng says:

    I will contribute to a bounty on illegals……Lets treat them like they would treat us in there country……………If we had a $50. bounty on them it would take years to clean them out but think of all it would save us…………Can you think of a better solution………I would also include al those idiots that object to SB 1070 and similar laws……………The Feds are not going to help us so it is time for us to be real Anericans and stand up for our own rights………………..

  3. Dan KIng says:

    I boycott all Mexicans and anything from Mexico……There are a lot of good Mexicans but they can stay in Mexico and when I need a taco bad enough I will consider going down there to buy one………….That will be about every 150 years…………….

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      totally agree with you Dan-
      I was just reading about my ancestors the Celts, who ate their enemies after they won the battle.
      Gross, yes, but practical. By eating them they saved the problem of what to do with them. we should really start with the mexicans in prison and turn them into cat food. If they knew this would happen to them they wouldnt come here

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