Lack of Affordable Housing in Pacific Northwest due to Invasion of Criminal Illegals & Anchor babies


This is so typical of government: there is a giant pink elephant in Oregon, sitting on all the rental units. The Talking Idiots have convened to discuss how to save rental housing, but they will never , ever mention the invasion of illegals as contributing to the loss of affordable housing. If the State Department stops sending us refugees, ( we are 11th in the nation) and illegals are deported then it follows there won’t be a housing crisis,except for greedy slumlords.It there are only 10,000 rental units and 1,000000 illegals move here, how many rental units are there for Americans?  

Federal, state and local leaders convene in Portland to discuss vital need to preserve and improve affordable rental housing
Oregon Housing and Community Services – 05/17/10


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Federal, state and local leaders convene in Portland to discuss vital need to preserve and improve affordable rental housing

Portland, OR (May 17, 2010) – More than 200 federal, state and local leaders convened in Portland today to discuss the vital need to preserve and improve affordable rental housing in the Northwest and nationwide. Sponsored by the National Housing Conference (NHC) and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the day-long forum, entitled Partners in Innovation: Financing the Preservation of Rural and Urban Affordable Rental Housing (website:, focused on examining the challenges and the opportunities for preserving affordable rental homes in urban and rural areas. With a special emphasis on funding preservation efforts, the forum brought together public officials, industry experts, and advocates to discuss and explore ways to better support this work through innovative partnerships, policy development, and legislative reform. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Assistant Secretary Carol Galante delivered the keynote luncheon address. The forum was held at the Doubletree Hotel Portland.

“The preservation and improvement of the nation’s affordable housing stock can have a lasting impact on communities, and experts agree that decent, safe and affordable housing can help ensure better health and educational outcomes for families and their children,” said NHC President and CEO Maureen Friar. “This forum is intended to help attendees take these ideas to scale by providing the tailored information and targeted tools necessary in order to inform affordable rental housing preservation initiatives.”

Specific forum discussion topics included: Why Preservation Matters – The Importance of Preserving Federally Subsidized Housing; Regional Best Practices in Rental Housing Preservation; Financing Preservation – The Oregon Experience; Long Term Project Sustainability; Making the Case for Public Investment in Preservation; The Role of Philanthropy in Policy Development and Social Programs; and Rural Roundtable: Overcoming Challenges, Leveraging Resources, and Implementing Solutions.

– Michael Bodaken, president, National Housing Trust
– Nick Fish, commissioner, City of Portland, OR
– Maureen Friar, president and CEO, NHC
– Carol Galante, HUD deputy assistant secretary for multifamily housing (keynote); and
– Victor Merced, director, Oregon Housing and Community Services

To learn more, visit:

Designed to build on the MacArthur Foundation’s Window of Opportunity Initiative, a $150 million commitment to preserving America’s affordable stock of rental homes, the Portland forum marks the second in a series of three Partners in Innovation regional forums being hosted by NHC and the MacArthur Foundation. The third and final forum is scheduled to take place in Denver, Col., in September.

The forums seek to expand upon the work of nonprofit and government organizations in 12 states and cities (website: that received a total of $32.5 million in grants and low-cost loans from the MacArthur Foundation last year to help preserve more than 70,000 rental homes. Awardee delegates from organizations in Oregon (website: and Washington (website: were represented at today’s forum in Portland.

For additional information, please contact Lynn Ross, NHC director of state and local initiatives, at or (202) 466-2121, Ext. 237.

Thank You!

NHC gratefully acknowledges the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for their generous support and leadership as the overall Portland forum sponsor. NHC also thanks the Meyer Memorial Trust for their sponsorship of the networking reception.

In addition, NHC and the MacArthur Foundation would like to sincerely thank the following organizations for their help in planning the forum: Casa of Oregon, Neighborhood Partnerships, Network for Oregon Affordable Housing, Oregon Housing and Community Services, Oregon Opportunity Network, and the Portland Housing Bureau.


Since 1931, the National Housing Conference (NHC) has been dedicated to ensuring safe, decent and affordable housing for all Americans. NHC has earned its strong reputation as the United Voice for Housing by actively engaging and convening its membership in nonpartisan advocacy for effective housing policy solutions at the local, state and national levels. To learn more, please visit

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