Update!Bravo! Krystal Mincher Crushes Illegal Mexican's Truck with No Insurance Darwin Awards 11

 Another site accuses me of racism for claiming the mexican is an illegal alien.

  1. Consider these facts: 1. Driving a delivery truck without insurance

  2. Living in Oregon with a mexican name where they never check for immigration status. Krystal was sentenced to 5 five years probation, drug and alcohol programs, and 40 hours community service. Still more then a mexican gets in Washington County, where all illegal brown-skinned mexicans are White Males. She wouldn’t have hit him if he was in Mexico where he belongs.

  3. http://tiny.cc/mo14w

 Mincher is guilty of driving like a Mexican, but Mexicans are let off with no arrest while Americans are criminalized.

Click on the following link: GINA MARIE FRAIJO Mexican Maria murders an American woman by running a red light

 In Oregon City- Mexican Maria was not arrested or cited.



Why is Mincher the criminal when it is obvious the Mexican she hit is an illegal, with fake ID, criminally trespassing in the US? Why didn’t the police cite the mexican for no insurance?

  Bravo ,some good comes of all evil, and Mincher took out his truck , which he stupidly had no insurance on,since he is a mexican. Sadly she turned herself in without consulting with a criminal attorney . She will be held accountable for damaging the illegal wetback’s  truck while he gets off Scott free- 

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