Deport Peruvian Daisy Cuevas Arrest& Deport Her Parents and Outsource Michelle Obama to India or Kenya for good

Deport  Peruvian Daisy Cuevas Arrest & Deport Her Illegal Criminal Parents  Outsource Michelle Obama to India or Kenya for good    

Peruvian child  anchor brat  becomes symbol of US undocumented criminal illegal aliens.     

wow, how hard was that for Horse-Faced Mrs Hussein to round up an anchor baby? There are more then 4 million of them and thats just the ones under 18. What family values to cross the border pregnant, while dumping off your first born in Peru just so you could have an anchor baby. Family Values!      

And isn’t it wonderful how quickly ICE let them know they wouldn’t be deported. ICE is very good about letting criminal illegals know they can’t be deported since Hussein  bought the Presidency.     

LIMA, Peru – Seven-year-old Daisy Cuevas, thrilled to see herself on television with U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, didn’t quite understand the predicament in which she had innocently placed her undocumented  criminal illegals who committed trespass into the United States illegally- Peruvian parents.     

She laughed, she jumped up and down. She was excited” after the encounter at Daisy’s suburban Washington, D.C., elementary school, the girl’s maternal grandfather, Genaro Juica, told The Associated Press.     

The TV appearance made the pigtailed second grader a voice of the estimated 38 million fertile illegals who are popping out anchor babies so much that we have a baby boom in the US , just what we dont need because we are now overpopulated. 38 million illegal alien criminals.immigrants living in the United States illegally — and a source of pride for Peru’s president, who visits Washington on Tuesday.     

My mom says that Barack Obama is taking away everybody that doesn’t have papers,” Daisy told the U.S. first lady on May 19 at the New Hampshire Estates Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland.     

“Well, that’s something that we have to work on, right, to make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers,” Michelle Obama replied.     

Like deportation papers – first lady of Bitch. and undocumented isn’t a correct term. Illegal aliens all have papers: passports from their own countries, driver licenses, matricula cards, fake ID and stolen social security cards.     

“But my mom doesn’t have papers,” said Daisy, a U.S. citizen by virtue of her parents intentionally sneaking into the US and mis-using laws intended only for one generation, for the former slaves, which we also should have deported..     

The color immediately drained from her mother’s face. She ran crying to call her parents in Lima, then went into hiding, fearful of being deported.     

Daisy's Illegal Peruvian Breeder Gives head at White House Party- Michelle sucks the black one 

These are tense times for people like Daisy’s mother, a maid who arrived in the United States with her carpenter husband when she was two months pregnant with Daisy.     

Daisy’s parents are fearful of U.S. anti-immigrant sentiment, which for many Latin Americans is epitomized by an Arizona law taking effect in July that gives police the right to demand ID papers of anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.Bravo For Arizona !     

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has said it is not pursuing Daisy’s parents. Immigration investigations, it said in a statement, “are based on making sure the law is followed and not on a question-and-answer discussion in a classroom.”     

Nonetheless, Daisy’s mother asked the AP after the May 19 incident not to name her or her husband.     

And Juica, heeding an attorney’s advice, asked the news agency not to take photographs of him or other relatives in Peru.     

Daisy, meanwhile, has become a celebrity in Peru.     

“I’m really proud that a young girl of Peruvian origin is highlighting the enormous problem with Latin American immigration in the United States,” President Alan Garcia told reporters last week.    

 Wow It must really suck to be the President of Peru if admiring criminals makes you proud.    

He said it would be scandalous if her parents were deported.    

  WHy? It’s our country and our laws     

Do you know how much President Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama would stand to lose?” he said. Garcia called the Arizona law a “completely irrational response” to the illegal-immigration question, and said he would express his thoughts on the matter to President Obama during his visit to Washington.     

An estimated 1.5 million Peruvians currently live in the U.S. Of those, three in five are either undocumented or in the process of legalizing their status, said Peru’s consul-general in Washington, Cesar Augusto Jordan.     

Peruvian Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Belaunde said in a Radioprogramas radio interview that he considers Daisy a “successful ambassador” for compatriots in similar predicaments.     

While Daisy has automatic U.S. citizenship and lives full time with her parents, her 9-year-old sister, July, has not been so lucky. July was left behind with her grandparents when her parents moved to the United States to escape poverty.     

Hispanic Family Values Alert! Bet their first born writes a book about being dumped off with the Grandparents for decades    

The two sisters met for the first time last year when Daisy spent a month visiting her grandparents in the working-class San Juan de Lurigancho district of Lima.     

But July misses her parents, who are unlikely to visit Peru because of their illegal status in the U.S.     

July has only seen them in photographs and in video chats with a webcam.     

“She cries,” Juica said.     

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