Wanted! Carlos Cruz Roman Stabs Woman Felon Mexican Surenos Gang member Vancouver Wa

Wanted! Carlos Cruz  Roman Stabs Woman Felon Mexican  Surenos Gang member Vancouver WaMaybe the Vancouver Cops need to start racially profiling all the illegal mexicans in vancouver, cause Roman Cruz stole a car a few months ago and it seems no one put any energy into tracking him down . Maybe Taco Bell can put a bounty out for his head, dead or alive



Vancouver Police Dept. – 05/31/10

Carlos Ramon
Carlos Ramon

News Release



May 31st, 2010

Prepared by Sergeant Mike Davis
(360) 487-8535

Assault I –Stabbing-Domestic Violence

On 05/30/10 at approximately 11:09 p.m. Vancouver Police were called to the 1900 Block of Carlson Road regarding a report of a female needing help. Officers arrived and found an adult female that was the victim of an assault and had been stabbed. The woman was transported to a hospital and is now in serious condition. Vancouver Police temporarily closed Carlson Road to continue their investigation. Police developed information regarding a suspect and information the crime was domestic violence related.

Police are now requesting anyone knowing the whereabouts of the suspect, 19 year Carlos Roman, also known as Carlos Cruz Roman to call 911 and report his location. Persons may request to remain anonymous. Carlos Roman also has a felony warrant in Oregon. Carlos Roman is 5’04” tall ,160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. He has a tattoo ” Carlitos” on the right side of his neck . Carlos had fled the scene prior to police arrival and was not located. VPD Domestic Violence Unit Detectives responded and took over the investigation. VPD Case Number V10-9912. A photo of the suspect is attached to this news release.

City of Vancouver Police Department- (360) 487-8535

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