Food Stamp Day June 1st Winco Foods In Beaverton Diversity City Oregon

Foodstamps usage is skyrocketing in oregon because of the Invasion of thousands of low-skilled fertile illegal workers. Before the Invasion , Oregon was a difficult state to get food stamps in or welfare, then they kicked all the white women off when Clinton became President and imported millions of Mexicans.

I saw a short, swarthy Mexican female with her EBT card at Safeway buying $50.00 in fresh Pig, while her anchor baby son had to punch in the numbers because she was so illiterate she couldn’t read them. 

Original Press Release: Just one of the crimes you can find happening at Winco – In Beaverton Diversity City for Criminal Illegals. This Mexican robbed a store in Clackamas with a knife days earlier- go to my blog mexicancriminalsoforegon for the complete story–  On Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 6:54 p.m., the Beaverton police received a robbery call from Best Buy, 3055 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. A single Hispanic male had gone into the store, taken several electronic items and threatened store security as he left.

When police arrived they discovered the suspect, later identified as 21 year old Tio Carvajal Hernandez, had placed at least four different electronic items into his cart and strolled passed all available checkout clerks.

The security personnel at the front door saw the security devices still attached to several items and asked to look at the receipt. Hernandez pulled out a pocket knife, with a 3″- 4″ silver blade and threatened the employee. The employee backed away, to a point of safety, called police and continued to watch the suspect.

A car and driver were waiting for Hernandez, in the nearby WinCo parking lot. It was a late 1980 to early 1990 tan or gold Ford Thunderbird with black trim along the center of each door and no license plate.

Hernandez is also the suspect in a similar Clackamas County case.

Anyone with additional information about the car or its driver is asked to call the Beaverton Police Department at 503-629-0111. Still shots and a video clip are attached.

 then from a woman who used to shop there:

Every time I go there, I end up nearly in tears. I get so frazzled, such a headache, that by the time I get back to my car, I want to take up smoking!

I have five kids. I’ve taken them shopping many a time alone. However, it usually isn’t such a heavy task to try and get two carts through a store (one for kids, one for food). But here, it is IMPOSSIBLE. And they don’t offer multi-child carts or those with the cars attached.

The store is ALWAYS loud, the aisles are ALWAYS crowded to the point that, you can’t get down an aisle without having to wait for five other customers to come by. Half the time, they are out of the product I want. The other half, they just don’t carry it.

You cant select produce because the stock people have the aisles blocked. The lunch meats/cheese section is always destroyed from customers tossing stuff everywhere. You find bags of once frozen food on a shelf next to the dryer sheets.

Ugh. I’m getting a headache just thinking about the place. The ONLY reason I go back is because they carry a large selection of bulk foods, but as soon as I find another store that does, I will NEVER go back there.

Oh, and just avoid the bathroom at all costs. It has been DISGUSTING every time I have been there.

  • Pros: Loud, crowded, busy, poor service, dirty, run down

  • Cons: Food that’s a couple bucks cheaper than Safeway, bulk foods

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