Larae Corzine Hispanic Latina Female Robs Bi Mart w Gun demanded Oxycontin


The Columbian is so Bullshit- They removed the information that she is an hispanic female or rather that she is a mexican or cuban female and foreign  born.

 Larae Corzine is married to someone named Steve, now an addict and ,of course , with her mexican values turns to robbery and guns.Not a good idea, but a Mexican , having no inner moral compass, would do exactly that, for the end justifies the means to Mexicans. 
 They could have tried faith healing, acupuncture, or moving to Turkey for the cheap drugs.

On June 18, 2010 the Bi Mart store located at 11912 NE Fourth Plain was robbed by a Hispanic female who showed a hand gun and demanded Oxycontin from the pharmacy technician. The female was seen leaving the store in a green Ford Taurus.

Moments later Sgt. Jim Eastman located a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description. Sgt. Eastman attempted to stop the vehicle when the vehicle fled. The driver fled west bound on NE 63rd St. the driver tried to turn north bound on NE 58th Ave. and collided with another vehicle.

The suspect was transported to Southwest Washington Medical Center where she was treated for her injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was treated and released at the scene.

Subsequent investigation was able to link this suspect with two prior robberies at the same Bi Mart store.

Arrest on three counts of robbery in the first degree and once county of attempt to elude:

Larae Corzine a 39 year old Hispanic female from the Vancouver area.

This investigation is being conducted by the Clark County Sheriff’s Tactical Detective Unit.

Prepared by Sgt. Duncan Hoss

Feeling no pain

A pain clinic in nearby Vancouver, Washington, has been getting some press lately, and it’s not positive. The clinic has been accused of overprescribing pain medication and has been under investigation. The Payette Clinic opened in 2005 and is run by nurse practitioners (i.e., there are no medical doctors on staff). On March 19, 2009, the clinic’s records were seized in a raid by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, and on March 23 the clinic informed its patients that it would no longer prescribe Class II opiates, such as oxycodone or morphine (many area pharmacies had stopped filling prescriptions from the Payette Clinic). On March 30 Washington State’s Department of Health filed charges against one of the nurse practitioners for improper prescribing.

The Department of Health had received dozens of complaints about the clinic since it opened. The clinic is said to treat patients suffering from chronic pain with high doses of addictive pain medications.

So what are your thoughts on this? Does the clinic seem legitimate? Is it providing a necessary service and serving a community ignored by other medical facilities?

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15 Responses to “Feeling no pain”

    April 16th, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    my husband has been a patient at the Payette clinic for about four years. He suffers from RSD which is severe nerve damage all through his body.. he has been through pain clinics and procedure after procedure including nerve blocks steroid injections and even acupuncture. this was pretty much his last hope. when we found the payette clinic and met kelly for him it was a miracle because kelly saved his life. he was in so much pain all the time that he wanted to die. kelly helped him mentally as well as physically. she was clear like all other have also said that this was not a cure but his best chance at haveing somewhat of a life rather than simply existing.. she gave him four great years and she is not the one who put him on this it was the surgeon she just increased it to what was good for him.. what people dont understand we had been to doctor one after another and they spend ten minutes with you and think they know what you go through and what is best for you.. Kelly is a realist about life dibilitating pain and what it takes for some to have a life back.. now that she can no longer prescribe for him he lays in bed day after day staring at the ceiling begging me some days to let him die.. how is that fair.. he was taken my abulance a couple days ago and they would not help him because he was a patient at the payett clinic. he is only 40 and this all started from a simple same day surgery that left him completley disabled only hours after surgery when he was 32.. we lost everything our kids and family have been through hell when we finally found hope with kelly now we are back to square one.. and nobody wants to help because of all the publicity maybe they should report on the other side on how it affects those who truly need it. im disgusted in the so called real doctors.. there should be more like kelly not just about prescriptions she cares we have spent countless hours with her through her lunch she always takes the time… can you say the same for the “real doctors” half of them dont even remember our name when we were patients for years.. kelly takes the time to really know you and your history but she is no pushover she is very strict about her policies. its too bad that the DEA can play judge jury and executioner with so many peoples lives who they have never met or would take the time to meet.. maybe they want to come spend a week or even a day with my husband and then say what she gave him was too much.

    Larae Corzine

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