Darwin Awards: Mexican Mine-Kill Jose dead In Ontario Oregon

Darwin Awards: Mexican Mine-Kill Jose dead In Ontario Oregon

Death Investigation – Mining Cave-in Kills Ontario Man
Oregon State Police – 06/19/10 
Jose the Mexican -is Dead

who may be

  A. Amnestied from 1986

                                                                                                             B. Be an anchor baby

                                                                                                             C. Be an illegal alien or migrant worker

 is DEAD !  Why because he is a stupid mexican who digs around in old mines with no common sense.  You can bet they were illegal aliens , looking for gold illegally, because as soon as they had trouble they went to the hospital, to run up a tab they will never pay.



A 42-year old Ontario-area man died Saturday morning when the walls of a mining cave collapsed on him as he was digging inside. Three others, two adult males and a juvenile male, were not injured in the incident north of Interstate 84 about one mile west of Huntington. Oregon State Police (OSP) is completing the death investigation.

According to OSP Senior Trooper Tracy Howard, on June 19, 2010 at approximately 8:30 a.m., JOSE AGUIAR JR., age 42, from Ontario, was digging inside a small mining cave with three other people at a location near an Old Lime Plant along Burnt River in Baker County. This area is about 300 yards north of Interstate 84 in the vicinity of milepost 344. As AGUIAR was digging about 20 feet inside from the entrance, the rock and dirt wall caved in on top of him.

The two other adult males, whose names are not available, spent five minutes digging him out before they could remove him from inside the cave. They were not able to immediately call 9-1-1 from the site so they placed him in their van and drove west toward Ontario which was about 30 miles away. Once they were able to call, they contacted 9-1-1 about the accident and continued to Holy Rosary Hospital in Ontario. When they arrived, Ontario police met them and waited for OSP’s arrival. Emergency room personnel confirmed AGUIAR was deceased.

No other information available.

OSP troopers from the Baker City and Ontario offices are completing the investigation.

Photograph Source: Oregon State Police

### http://www.oregon.gov/OSP ###

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  1. Josh says:

    his family is disgusting.

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