Mexi-Trash Sharpie Eyebrows Stacy Quintero sentenced for killing Baby Daughter

gotta love the sharpie eyebrows

 immigration status anyone? Anchor baby of illegals from Mexico or an illegal alien?Yet another by-product of the 1986 Amnesty? Because Stacey has no place in the United States and yet here she is,killing her baby and stealing IDs of Americans.

Hispanic Family Values . If we had closed the borders and not imported migrants, this female wouldn’t even be in Oregon, wasting money.

A fat mexican – anchor baby or illegal alien kills her own daughter , yet is not discovered until she gets busted for another very mexican habit of Identity theft in Mexican Occupied Marion County. ( is everyone a mexican in Marion county these days?) that gets her busted  20 years later. I find that creepy- and if she hadn’t been a mexican thief she wouldn’t be going to jail again. A custodian found the baby girl’s body inside a garbage can at Salem’s Gilmore Field on May 1, 1990.Salem police continued to investigate for a decade and more without a break, refusing to give up. Despite their best efforts, it looked like the case of Baby Jane Doe would never be solved.


Then in April 2008, a 34-year-old woman was convicted of identity theft and forgery. As part of her sentencing, Stacey O. Quintero was ordered to give a blood sample, said Deputy District Attorney Jodie Bureta.

Investigators ran the DNA from the sample through various databases and got a hit: DNA from blood taken from the placenta found with Baby Jane Doe in 1990 matched Quintero’s DNA.

Two Salem detectives, Susan Coats and Jeff Staples, built an investigation around the DNA evidence and arrested Quintero on a murder indictment in January.

Courtesy of Marion CountyStacey Quintero

Friday in Marion County Court, Quintero told Judge Claudia M. Burton that in 1989 she was 16 and learned she was pregnant.

A “heavy-set” girl who was already known for wearing baggy clothes, she was able to conceal the child growing inside her from everyone in her world, including close friends and family, Bureta said.

She gave birth in her parent’s bathtub, washed away the blood and took her newborn baby down to the park. The small corpse was found with its umbilical cord still attached.

Quintero didn’t tell the court how or when the infant died. “She implied that something went wrong during the pregnancy,” Bureta said. An autopsy in 1990 concluded the baby died of asphyxiation.

Detectives checked her claims that she gave birth and disposed of the body alone. All those interviewed said the same thing: “Nobody knew,” Bureta said.

Quintero pleaded guilty to one count each of criminally negligent homicide and concealing the birth of an infant.

Murder has no statute of limitations, but Bureta acknowledged the difficulty prosecutors would have faced bringing about a conviction in the 20-year-old case. According to Bureta, Quintero waived her statute-of-limitation rights on the lesser charges to help bring the case to a close.

Bureta said the district attorney’s office will take into account the responsibility Quintero eventually took and her “level of remorse” when recommending a sentence to the judge.

Bureta also said that prosecutors were aware that the teenager must have faced some crisis leading her to conceal the birth.

Sentencing is set for Aug. 9. Quintero, now 36, faces up to one year in jail for concealing the birth and anywhere from 20 months to probation for criminally negligent homicide. Those sentences could be served at the same time.

Bureta said that Quintero’s case, which she described as a “tragedy,” is a good example of why Oregon passed its safe haven law. The law, passed in 2001, allows distressed mothers to drop off a child 30 days or younger to staff at authorized facilities — including hospitals, doctor’s offices, birthing clinics, and police, sheriff’s and fire stations — without facing prosecution.

Michael Russell

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