Update! Mexican-American Juan Elenes Sheriff shot killed Bryan Guerrero Darwin Awards:Latinos with Knives One shot Michael Guerra.

This took place in Beaverton, Oregon’s Most Diverse City and this is the second time in two weeks that a Washington County police officer has shot and killed someone and both were of mexican origin: Juan and Jesus- Is it possible that the wetbacks don’t speak English? It says the two males are from Southern Oregon,which is media talk for hiding their immigration status. About time we start shooting these mexicans, since ICE won’t deport them.Bravo! One Wetback Dead! Details Released in Sunday’s Deputy Involved Shooting
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 06/24/10

Last Sunday, June 20, 2010, a Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to an altercation at a residence where he shot and killed Bryan Guerrero, who was attempting to assault Michael Guerra with a knife (Click here for original press release).

Deputy Juan Elenes was the first deputy to arrive on a call of a physical fight at a residence located in the community of Cedar Mill (unincorporated Washington County, 1530 NW 88th Avenue, Portland).

Deputy Elenes is 28 years old and has been with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for almost five years. He started in the jail division and transferred to the patrol division in 2007.

As Deputy Elenes arrived on the scene he approached the house on foot and could hear a verbal argument coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the house, but he was unable to see anyone in or around the house at the time.

Deputy Elenes soon observed a man, later identified as Michael Guerra, enter a room in the front of the house. He communicated briefly with the man through an open window.

Within a very short period of time, Deputy Elenes saw another man stop in the doorway of the room where Mike was. The man, who was later identified as Bryan Guerrero, was not wearing a shirt and had blood on his chest and his face. Deputy Elenes ordered Bryan to stay out of the room. Bryan ignored Deputy Elenes’ commands, approached Mike from behind, and grabbed him around the torso.

As Bryan’s hand came around Mike’s torso, Deputy Elenes saw a knife in Bryan’s hand. Mike grabbed Bryan by the wrist and was attempting to keep Bryan from assaulting him with the knife.

Deputy Elenes ordered Bryan to drop the knife three times, and he failed to do so. With Mike’s life in imminent danger, Deputy Elenes fired one round. The bullet struck Bryan in the head, stopping his attack on Mike.

Investigators later recovered a kitchen-type knife with a fixed blade from the scene. The blade on the knife is approximately six inches long and has a pointed tip.

The State Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Bryan Guerrero died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

At this time, the Washington County Major Crimes Team is continuing to investigate the shooting. Deputy Elenes is on administrative leave, which is standard in any police involved shooting. He will return to duty at a later date. The District Attorney’s Office will review the case once the Major Crimes Team has completed their investigation.

Obama may have to stop the sales of Knives if he passes Amnesty.

Deputy Shoots Man who was Threatening another with Knife
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 06/20/10

Summary of Event
Deputies responded to a residence where there was reported to be a fight between two adult men. One of the men was holding a knife in a threatening manner causing the deputy to use deadly force.Full Details
On Sunday June 20, 2010, at 3:24a.m., Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to 1530 NW 88th Avenue in the community of Cedar Hills concerning a 911 call of a fight. It was reported that 31-year-old, Bryan Guerrero was physically fighting with 22-year-old, Michael Guerra. Both men were visiting the residence and are from the Southern Oregon area. It does appear that they knew each other.A Sheriff’s Deputy arrived and immediately went to the residence to investigate the report of the fight. The deputy saw Mr. Guerrero was inside the house in immediate proximity to Mr. Guerra. The deputy saw Mr. Guerrero holding a knife in a manner which he believed to be threatening to Mr. Guerra. The deputy gave commands to Mr. Guerrero to drop the weapon which he did not comply with. The Sheriff’s Deputy shot Mr. Guerrero at least one time. Mr. Guerrero was pronounced deceased at the scene. Mr. Guerra was not injured.

Sheriff’s Deputies immediately secured the scene and began their investigation. The Washington County Major Crimes Team, the Crash Analysis Reconstruction Team, and the Forensic Science Unit responded to assist in the investigation. Investigators believe alcohol may have been a factor in this incident.

The Sheriff’s Deputy’s name will be released at a later date. He was placed on administration leave as standard procedure until the investigation is complete.

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0 Responses to Update! Mexican-American Juan Elenes Sheriff shot killed Bryan Guerrero Darwin Awards:Latinos with Knives One shot Michael Guerra.

  1. mac says:

    Anybody that thinks there’s no other way to stop a knife attack other than blowing the guy’s brains out is sadly mistaken. To be truthful most departments kill because of the lawsuits that carry if they don’t. But in reality I think a shot to the arm that held the knife or even the gut (which is the most painful place) would/should be enough to stop anybody. PPL that are all for it need to go and join the army so they can kill ppl. I say shoot em where it will stop em, the arm, the nuts, the stomach.. yeah, they’ll stop. An’d don’t give me the “What about the guy on PCP” BS either. How many ppl do you know or arrests you hear about are PCP related?? And I tell you..almost none. This story is just another example of gun vs knife. Was the guy with the knife stupid? umm.. yeah. But who really knows what happened anyway. We all agree most cops doctor the report so the DA has more to work with. Like the guy who was’nt arrested that long ago for the 75 plant in his house. So he gets pulled over, the cop smells pot. He gets searched and the dog finds it. Then the media said he just gave the ok for them to search his house with his wife n kid there, the mushrooms, the 75 plants of weed and 2 guns. So first he says no to the vehicle search, but then he what? says “Ok search my home?” which was miles away or w/e? HAHAHA WTF? Doeas anybody believe this? I for one don’t. Not only that, were the guns legal? If so, or even if not, why not list that in the report so we know? And when it comes to shooting civilians, I for one never hear about many police/criminal shootouts where the bad guy has a gun. I always hear about knives however, funny the policeman reached for his pistol first when he could have used his taser as the man approached before and during the struggle.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      the policeman was a mexican named Jesus or Juan- I assume he was an anchor baby born of illegal alien parents who were amnestied. Our laws and our borders are such jokes. Then he kills a half mexican named Bryan. violent culture and its scary they are taking over the police force here.

    • hguerrero09 says:

      Bryan was wrong for having a knife and trying to defend off Mike with it. But in no way did my brother deserve to die. I appreciate the fact that you see that. He was shot through a closed window and there are so many other things that happened that people don’t know about. I wasn’t there but I do know the witnesses that were and I do know that Juan Elenes made a huge mistake. Only my brother had to pay the price with his life. Thank you for having some sense and knowing that not all cops are in the right.

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