Beaverton ~ Third World Shithole~Mayor Denny Doyle & Immigrant Children

Mayor Dudley Dumbell- the mouthpiece for Diversity  bleets out press announcements once a week about how great Beaverton, right next to the rapes and murders and meth busts. On Sunday On HIghway 26 that cuts through Beaverton , a van had blown up on the freeway and there was the mexican breeder with her long black braids and her brood of six kids with a mexican, waiting to be rescued. No ICE No Deportation. Just 8 more mexicans on Food stamps in Beaverton.

The Joke on Beaverton is that it was a wonderful place to live before it was divided up into  freeways and apartments  and subdivisions and box stores. It used to be part of a great green valley of farms (and no mexican invasion) other then migrants who were not deported as they should have been) Want to make Beaverton Livable? you can’t : the Invasion is complete, it’s the place the illegal aliens have taken over,which is why so many people are poor in Beaverton and why there is no affordable housing that is safe. The mexicans began to come in the  60’s and never left and that’s when Beaverton started to go downhill, then all the Indians and Chinese came and the Californians. Ugly apartments and infill housing.


 Parks? Too late for that- the bulldozers should have been stilled 40 years ago. It is so ugly and crowded and full of crime – but the immigrants ( illegal alien or anchor baby) who entered the contest don’t realize they are part of the problem. If the mexicans were deported and all immigration was stopped for ten years and the anchor baby 14th repealed, Beaverton  might have a chance. Oregon cannot handle the non-stop importing of low skilled third worlders.

Finalists Go On To Compete In Statewide Competition –

Mayor Denny Doyle announced the winners of Beaverton’s “If I Were Mayor…” contest during the Beaverton City Council meeting on Monday, June 21. This is the second year the City of Beaverton has participated in the contest sponsored by the Oregon Mayors Association for students fourth grade through college. The Beaverton winner in each category received a $50 Visa gift card and the top winner in each category will go on to compete in the statewide competition for a laptop computer.

4-6 Grade Poster Contest: Abigail Lue
Abigail Lue is the poster contest winner. Abigail just completed the 6th grade at the Arts and Communication Magnet Academy. Abigail’s poster portrayed increased affordable housing; in-home living assistance for the elderly; the arrival of biodiesel cars to the community; large green spaces; soup kitchens with extended hours every day; and, recycling centers. All services Abigail believes our community needs.

7-8 Grade Essay Contest: Ally Heueisen
Ally Heueisen is the essay contest winner. Ally just completed the 8th grade at Palace of Praise Academy. Ally’s essay included ideas such as, improving public mobility by building bus stops that don’t impede traffic; focusing on and appreciating the environment by building more parks and community gardens; and, creating programs to take care of those less fortunate through donations.

High School and College Student Video Contest: Yamini Naidu
Yamini is the video contest winner. Yamini just completed the 9th grade at Valley Catholic High School. Yamini’s video focused on traffic congestion and a cleaning up the City’s methamphetamine-related crimes. In the end, Yamini’s message was government transparency and the importance of working together to solve City issues.

“I’m amazed by the creativity displayed by the students who entered the contest,” said Mayor Denny Doyle. “This is a fantastic opportunity for our youth to be inventive and express their ideas, and they did not disappoint.”

Mayor Doyle and the Beaverton City Council judged the entries based on the criteria outlined by the Oregon Mayors Association. Judges considered:

• Creativity: does the student demonstrate curiosity and originality?
• Clarity/sincerity of thought: is the submission well thought out and organized?
• Proper use of grammar: does the submission contain proper spelling, grammar and punctuation?
• Subject relevancy: Are the major points relevant to the role of a government leader? Does the student demonstrate an understanding of municipal government and the job of Mayor?

Beaverton has been recognized as the safest city in the Pacific Northwest for three consecutive years, as one of the best places to raise kids by BusinessWeek magazine, a Top 100 Best Places to Live in America by Money Magazine, an All-America City finalist, one of the 100 Best Walking Cities in America by Prevention Magazine, was named the Recycler of the Year (2008) from the Association of Oregon Recyclers, retains a Bronze Award Bicycle Friendly community designation by the League of American Bicyclists and is one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Communities. Beaverton also enjoys the most diverse population (by percentage of population) among Oregon cities.

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