Pharaoh Obama Sneaky Executive Order for Amnesty ! Alert Call Fax Now Numbersusa

  Pharaoh Obama Plans Sneaky Executive Order to Grant Amnesty ! Alert Call Fax Now Numbersusa

Any attempt to force an amnesty on the American people using this underhanded method smacks of despotism

In a nutshell, there is discussion going on within the Administration about stopping nearly all deportations, presumably until “comprehensive immigration reform” can be passed to give illegal aliens full work and residency rights permanently.   The point here is to satisfy the open-border bloc of voters who have been threatening to boycott the elections this fall unless Pres. Obama makes an all-out effort to pass an amnesty this year.

 If Obama can do this with Amnesty,why doesn’t he end the Iraq mess? I wonder how those that voted for him can stand to see him replicate Bush.


ACTION NEEDED: Sign the Petition to Keep Workplace Enforcement Amendments in Homeland Security Spending Bill 

Call & Fax Your Members of Congress NOW, Urging them to Voice their Opposition to an Executive-Order Amnesty

Updated: Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 2:59 PM
Yesterday, several Senators led by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) learned of a possible plan by the White House to provide an Amnesty to the nation’s estimated 11-18 million illegal aliens through an executive order. The move would take immigration enforcement out of the hands of Congress and place it in the hands of the Executive Branch. Read this letter, send this fax to your Members of Congress, send this fax to Pres. Obama, and call your Members of Congress at (202) 224-3121 to express your outrage at Pres. Obama’s plan to provide Amnesty through Executive Order.Read Full Story


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