Double Standard: Americans Second Class Citizens: Criminal Trespass by Illegals: Gerald Rosen of Aloha

 Proof there are two sets of laws :One for legal Americans and one for illegals. Try calling the cops the next time you see an illegal mexican mowing someones lawn. Ask that they check ID of Illegal Mexican. Most likely the operator will  flip out and if the cops do come they will arrest you for using the 911 system to enforce immigration laws.
The police ignore the thousands of illegal aliens with fake id, no id , stolen id, no drivers licenses , all guilty of criminal trespass into the United States and Identity theft . Instead, an old white male wanders through some yards in Aloha,he is now a certified criminal, locked up in jail, while the illegal mexicans and Indian Nationals run free.
 Oregon is a great state for White Collar Crime, like ID theft and Fake ID. With Obama for President and the zero enforcement of immigration laws, we live in anarchy where only english speaking whites are required to follow the laws.
This morning, a Sheriff’s Deputy identified the John Doe who was lodged in the jail last night. He is 64-year-old Gerald Rosen of Aloha. His family is being contacted at this time.

Summary of Event

A man was brought into the Washington County Jail today after he was arrested by Sheriff’s Deputies for trespassing. The man refused to give his name. Deputies in the jail later recognized that the man may truly have some memory loss. Deputies are now asking for the public’s help in identifying him.

Full Details

On Wednesday, June 23, 2010, at about 4:15 p.m., Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the community of Aloha after receiving several calls about a man walking through people’s yards. Deputies found the 5’2″, 115 pound man, walking on SW Carlin Boulevard and SW Lisbon Court. They contacted several people who complained that the man had walked through their yards.

Deputies asked the man his name and address but he refused to tell them. They checked him for identification but he did not have any on him. Deputies decided to take the man to jail on Trespassing charges and identify him by his finger prints.

After booking the man into the jail as John Doe, the man’s fingerprints were submitted for identification. His prints were not on file and they were unable to identify him. Deputies started to suspect that the man might be suffering from a mental illness which may be affecting his memory.

We are now turning to the public for help identifying John Doe. He is described as a white male 5’2″ tall, 115 pounds, with dark graying hair. Please look at the pictures and if you have seen or if you know this man please call the Sheriff’s Office at 503-849-9235

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