Oregon Police Forces Invaded by Mexicans:Jesus Rios

Jesus ?? We have cops in Oregon named Jesus? Aggghhh! It means his parents must have come here illegally and were amnestied in 1986, the Amnesty to end all Amnesties.  It also means that because there are so many illegal aliens who speak Spanish that foreign born Mexicans are hired as cops or social workers  simply to serve the illegal population, further displacing Non Spanish speaking Americans from jobs, as I wrote in my Pink Slip thread.

Mexicans , becoming cops in Oregon. Very scary, as the culture they come from is completely corrupt ,violent and prone to racism against Non- Hispanics. I wrote in another thread where a native Oregonian was told he was racist by a Hispanic Cop, when he reported a Mexican Meth dealer next door.

Jesus Killed the nasty  Flippino Husband , who murdered his wife last week , in third world Hillsboro. I am sure everyone who is not Mexican or Catholic understands that Jesus is a completely unacceptable name for a boy in the United States, just like Mohammed is and no, I don’t have to be okay with the third world invasion.

 It’s a sign of the invasion, a sign of our demise from a sane Protestant country to a third world Muslim, Catholic, African ,Asian ,Mexican whatever.
 Without or without Mexicans on the Police force, you can count on the cops to never enforce immigration laws in Oregon. Nope, better the taxpayers should be beggared by foreign criminals. Better the Corporations should have their brown slaves.

 I knew would be ” from unlimited immigration and open borders ”  I just thought it would be another Mexican.

So many fights and murders  are from Third world scum coming to Oregon- either with a green card or illegally , but still violent. That’s why in Washington County, all mexicans are listed as white males, to hide the invasion.

Officer Involved in Deadly Force Response at J.P. Resataurant Identified
Hillsboro Police Dept. – 06/23/10

Officer involved in Hillsboro shooting on June 17, 2010 identified.On June 17, 2010 Hillsboro police officer Jesus Rios responded to an incomplete 9-1-1 call at 1895 SE Tualatin Valley Hwy whereby he discovered a woman stabbed and a man threatening him with a knife. (This event was described in earlier releases).

Officer Rios responded to the deadly threat presented by the suspect by firing one round from his department assigned pistol striking the suspect in the chest area. This round stopped the suspect and he fell to the floor.

Officer Jesus Rios is 33 years old and has been a Hillsboro police officer for 2 years and is assigned to the patrol division.

The officer is not available for interviews and HPD does not have a photograph available.

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