Black Judge Clarence Thomas's Nephew Tasered in Hospital,0,5113332.story

 with the way Judges are selling out Americans to the illegal aliens, I say go for it. Clarence Thomas was a sleaze anyway. The Nephew will not be using the Race Card, as the people who hit him and tazed him are most likely Black too, but he is using the Judge Card.It’s like that down there.

24 year old Derek Thomas was admitted to West Jeff Thursday afternoon. Shortly after arriving, he was asked to put on a hospital gown. Thomas says he refused, and wanted to leave the facility. Within minutes, Thomas says things got very ugly, very fast. “The guy asked me, you’re either going to do it or we’re going to tase you” Thomas says.Before being tased, Thomas says he was punched in the lip and had a fist full of his hair pulled out. To make matters worse, he is epileptic, and says he suffered a massive seizure as he was being tased. His sister Kimberly says he could’ve died. “This was not only put on his chart letting them know he already had a health condition … this should not have happened at a hospital” Kimberly Thomas comments.

Minutes after the incident allegedly happened Kimberly called her uncle. She says he was completely shocked and outraged. Justice Clarence Thomas will be coming to New Orleans this weekend to investigate what happened at the hospital.

Thomas meanwhile, says he will take legal action. “I would like to sue the hospital because it was uncalled for. Where in America can you go and, from you not putting on a robe, should the consequence be tased, punched in the face?”

Derek Thomas is also hoping his uncle, a man who is often the final word when it comes to right and wrong, can help to make sure this alleged abuse doesn’t happen to anyone else.

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