Illegal Aliens get Welfare Benefits in 10 % percent of welfare households in Utah are Illegal aliens

10% of Utah Households Receiving Welfare Benefits Have Illegal Aliens

Probably much higher . Oregon is going bankrupt due to Illegal Aliens,mostly Hispanic, getting welfare for their anchor babies.

 The welfare department in Oregon posts everything in Spanish, and actively promotes food stamp usage by  Mexican Migrants, along with housing , education etc. I saw a Mexican female , who could not speak  english, buying $50.00 of fresh pork with her EBT card and her 10 year old anchor baby boy had to show her how to use it. This is the reason they can afford to take lower paying jobs, because they don’t claim the members who are illegal such as the husband who does day labor. Illegal aliens are also rich in stolen and forged IDs that make welfare fraud possible.


Utah State House

Utah State House

According to new state data in Utah, at least 10% of welfare benefits in the state are going to households that contain illegal aliens. Under state law, illegal aliens cannot qualify for welfare expenses, but because many of the children of illegal aliens were born in the United States and are citizens, along with other scenarios, illegal aliens are indeed receiving state benefits.

Between June 2009 and May 2010, a Department of Workforce Services report found that 23,837 “mixed-status” households received state aid.

“That is just one of many, many issues showing we need a crackdown on illegal immigration,” said state Rep. Stephen Sandstrom who intends on offering Arizona-style legislation during the next state session. “I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because of widespread fraud with Social Security numbers, I think a lot more illegal immigrants are applying for benefits with numbers that are stolen or made up.”

For more information, see the Deseret News.

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