Anchor Babies in Texas: Mexican housekeeper's filthy little ninos learn Spanish at all brown schools

Calling from Texas:
Love your site.
Houston, Austin, Dallas/FW and all the tiny little country towns in between are populated with the dengue carrying dirtbags. Won’t mention San Antonio or anything further south- that’s Paco Central.

These illegal cockroaches are standing in line at every single grocery store, filling up our parks with their stupid soccer games and boxing matches, over running our Emergency Rooms; breaking into cars, stealing our property, raping our kids, stabbing people over dumb shit and populating our jails on DWIs

Their entire culture is based on lying and cheating; drinking and stealing. They’ll screw anything by the age of 10.
However, my point is as follows:
There are upper-scale schools in downtown Dallas and Houston that 20 years ago were exclusively for rich little white kids. Now the liberal traitors have turned these schools into day care centers for the rich parents to send their housekeepers’ filthy little ninos by the millions to these schools. Overnight they have turned these instituions into ALL  MEXICAN that teach in ALL SPANISH and fly the Mexican flag.
Imagine my suprise when I walked into one these ALL BROWN elementary schools in an affluent WHITE neighborhood and the staff and teachers can’t speak ENGLISH. “Wasn’t this Sam Houston Elementary??” I ask. The school is now called “Martha Ojeda Elementary.” Some Marxist – American hating communist sow that lead labor marches in Mexico City.
Remember, this is in the Galleria/River Oaks side of town in Houston. The wealthy part.

To top it off in this school, the little chicano kids look at me in terror because they’ve never seen a white face- I swear its something out of a movie shot in the jungles of Guatemala. Adios Mios!!
Again, I’m standing in a downtown metropolitan business center in the 4th largest city in the U.S.
Imagine my chagrin that these ‘anchor babies’ aren’t learning a goddamn thing about America and certainly nothing in English.

Our tax dollars are paying them to learn Spanish and kill gringos.
The perfect Democrat Final Solution on white America.

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0 Responses to Anchor Babies in Texas: Mexican housekeeper's filthy little ninos learn Spanish at all brown schools

  1. Kim Willis says:

    Thank you so much for telling it like it is! These damn people have no common sense. They can hit your car and feel they did nothing wrong. They can skip you in line like you are not even standing in line. They are just rude evil scumbags that need to go back to hell. Most of them rape and run over their on damn children. The schools are over populated with these demons. Now when you go places to get a job you have to be bilingual to work . Even if they have a million of those people there that can speak spanish they have to have their kind only. I cant stand these assholes and wish they would all go away who dont really belong. Just because they make children here at Parkland dont mean they can stay


  2. frank noce says:

    To those who love their Mexican heritage @ culture, why don’t you go to Mexico were you be appreciated for who you are.We in America love our country ,love our language @ love our culture ,that’s why we stay here. Don,t come to our country take what is ours , fill our schools ,our hospitals @ our jails.We have enough of our own home grown poor ignorant trash to do all this. If the American government gave Texas back to Mexico ,you would all be sneaking into Oklahoma. You really don’t want the land .You want what hard working Americans worked ,sweated @ died for. I cant remember Mexico fighting in any of the wars except the one where Mexico lost its ass to the United States.Are good American men died in all the wars to save the world,@ Mexico wants to replace them with hoards of dirt poor ignorant peasants that they would like to be rid of. And like the ignorant fools you are ,you get kicked out of your own country with the boot of the government in your asses,@ you come here waving the Mexican flag @ wanting to bring your culture heritage @ pidgin Spanish with you. What ever culture or heritage the is in Mexico ,you don’t have. ]You bring no culture ,no heritage .no skills ,no education ,no trades or professions ,no money. What you do bring is crime ,drugs ,fatherless children,@ an aptitude that this country should welcome you with open arms @ give you what our people worked,fought @ died for . I don’t think so ,@ more @ more Americans are thinking like this. Time for you to go back were you came from @ help make your own country worth something.Go back @ kick some ass. Throw ourt the small group of Spaniards that run your country. Their not Mexicans ,their Europeans. They don’t equate with the average mixed race Mexican .They think their better than,your language shouldn’t even be Spanish,you cant speak it correctly anyway.. Your language should be what ever it was before the Spanish,(Europeans), took your land @ told you you were almost Spanish ,but not quite as good .Not quite as good at all. Now that you’ve over breed like rats ,you are a problem. They cant exterminate you ,but they can kick your asses out of their beloved country,@ hope big benevolent U.S.A. will take your ragbag asses in .

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