Illegal Alien Drug Dealer in Beaverton Orders Peyote from Mexico- but not Arrested _ Huge Mexican Marijuana Operation In Beaverton Home


Illegal Alien in Beaverton Orders Peyote from Mexico via United States Mail- but not Arrested _ Huge Mexican Marijuana Operation In Beaverton Home

 Wow _ Illegal Mexicans and the Mexican Drug Cartel are doing so well in Beaverton Oregon, our most diverse city, that neither ICE nor the police arrested him. Legal Citizens get arrested all the time in Washington County, but Mexican Drug Lords are Really Special, so they get off free. Maybe he is feeding them lies so he can stay here and bring his whole family.

WIN Investigation Finds Marijuana and Peyote Grows
Beaverton Police Dept. – 08/09/10


On Friday, August 6th, 2010, members of the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team, and Special Agents from the Department of Homeland Security / Immigration, Customs Enforcement contacted the occupant of a home in residential Beaverton regarding a package which had shipped internationally to that address.

The package had been intercepted by the postal inspector and was found to contain Peyote, which is a Schedule I (one) Controlled Substance.

The occupant of the home admitted ordering the Peyote and consented to a search of the home. Inside, detectives found an active marijuana grow containing over 50 mature plants. Additionally, over 30 more Peyote cacti were seized as well as steroids, over 2 pounds of dried marijuana and 5 firearms.

Neither the home nor the occupants were registered with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

No arrests were made. No further details are available due to the ongoing investigation.


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