Mexican Drug Cartel Marijuana Grow 920 plants Sweet Home Linn Oregon: Cascade Timber Consultants

Linn County Sheriff’s Office Seizes 920 Marijuana Plants
Linn County Sheriff’s Office – 08/20/10



Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller reports that today his detectives pulled 920 mature marijuana plants from property south of Sweet Home off Brush Creek Road. Detectives had been investigating the large marijuana grow, which was on private property owned by Cascade Timber Consultants. The marijuana grow was suspected of being linked to a Mexican cartel. Two workers lived in a tent at the grow site and it appeared that they were living there for a couple months. Linn County Sheriff’s Office detectives and members of the Linn County Regional SWAT team entered the garden yesterday. Two Hispanic  Mexican  males fled from the garden and into the surrounding brush. Deputies and a tracking dog attempted to track them for some distance but were unsuccessful in locating the suspects. Deputies, with assistance from the Linn County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, cut and removed the 920 plants today. They also located over a pound of processed marijuana in the campsite. The investigation will continue.

Mexicans take over every inch of our country but we cant check their ID

The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Lebanon Police Department, Sweet Home Police Department, Albany Police Department, DEA and BLM.

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  2. Jim JOhnson says:

    People like you make me sick. This country is made up of immigrants, legal and illegal. Obviously, you have no job,not because of illegal immigrants but because you’re sorry excuse for a human being and deserve bad bad bad karma.
    We all LIVE IN the same world, and these stupid man made boarders do nothing. EVERYONe in this country has more than enough to live on—we feed our pets better than most of the world is able to feed their children. Sharing a TINY bit is a good thing. MOre than that, you twit, these illegal aliens are actually having taxes taken out of their paychecks0–0most often that is the case—and they are putting in Social Security even though they will never get a dime.
    I hope some day you have to suffer the way these folks have had to suffer—I don’t want you to suffer long–just long enough to gain a heart and some empathy. YOu make me sick.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      Ps this country is not made up of Immigrants-
      it is made up of legal us citizens who did not break the laws and speak english . they are not immigrants. try reading the definition of immigrant.
      then there are the anchor babies who should be deported
      and the legal immigrants many of whom should also be deported and then the illegals
      glad to hear I make you sick.
      hope it kills you and then I can feed you to my cat.
      maybe you should post your social security card on the internet so the Nice Illegals can use it and then they can collect and not pay taxes at the same time.

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