Racist Immigrant Asian Fake Hate Crime Hoax to Shaft White Americans in Happy Valley Oregon:

Happy Valley ‘Hate Crime’ a Hoax


The immigrants should be deported, Their son should be arrested, just like if they were 12th  generation white Americans.


 Racist Immigrants Asian Stages Fake Hate Crime to Shaft White Americans in HappyValley

This incident shows what legal White Americans are up against with the Race Card.Some Asian teen brat spray painted his house with hate slogans and left fake gas cans to try to make it look like Whites in the area aka Nazis Skin heads etc were trying to force the Nice Asian family out of Happy Valley. The Hate On White Americans incident was taken so seriously that the FBI was brought in  and the city council spoke out against Hate Against Asians.
 Then it turns out there were no whites involved. NO CHARGES WERE FILED AGAINST THE ASIAN BRAT. His parents don’t have to pay back the taxpayer. The City council lied and said all the ethnic groups like each other when it’s full of mexican gang members.  This is total discrimination against White People. Now the Asian Brat may be an immigrant or an anchor baby, he might even be from India since Asian is a big catagory according to the state department.If they had found a white kid he would be in jail now, cause it’s open season on the few whites left in the US
. Gee when was the last time, the FBI or other police agency spent this much energy protecting Americans from being murdered raped or having their ID stolen by illegal aliens?

Investigators have determined that the racial harassment incident in Happy Valley, Oregon that we reported on September 2nd was committed by the family’s 16 year old son, who was unhappy over their recent move and the prospect of attending a new high school.

Detective Gil Millet of the Happy Valley Police Department established the connection between crime scene evidence and the person responsible for the threatening messages and racist graffiti left at the home.

“It’s unfortunate to see this turn of events,” notes Detective Millet, who credits help on the investigation from the FBI and sheriff’s personnel. “However, it is a relief for the immediate neighborhood and all Happy Valley residents to have their sense of safety returned, and faith in their community restored.”

City officials expressed some disappointment over the impact of this episode on the city and its resources, but were proud of the community’s immediate show of support when the story first unfolded. “Happy Valley is filled with good and caring people. If nothing else, that’s been reaffirmed throughout this investigation,” stated Steve Campbell, Director of Community Services & Public Safety for the City.

No criminal charges will be filed, although the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office has referred the matter to the school’s resource officer for follow-up and counseling

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