Breaking News! Cambodian Immigrant Woman Kills shoots kills four family members in West Seattle



Has anyone noticed how immigrants are the source of extreme instability and violence and crime in the US? The State Departments lets  in people from war torn famine torn ,corrupt, backward countries and expects them ,to be like regular Americans. If it is pointed out that there are lots of ugly immigrants draining the US, then one gets labeled racist or xenophobe, but the truth is it is always bad for the existing population to take in huge quantities of foreign populations. Read the Gangs of New York- written in 1929.

 Maybe she shot her family because she was upset about Over-population.Where did she get the guns?


stop all immigration for ten years Americans did not okay their moving to the US


SEATTLE — Sixteen-year-old Kevin Harm says he and his extended family were returning to their West Seattle home Thursday when the unthinkable happened — his grandmother was coming down the stairs of the home, shooting at them. 

There were “no emotions in her face,” Harm said. “(I was) right there in front of it all.” 

It was a chaotic scene; one that was reflected in the radio transmissions Seattle police released, breaking with protocol to release during a mid-day news conference. 

“We’ve got at least one shooting victim down here,” an officer’s voice said. “Shots fired, too, shots fired.” 

Seattle Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said the initial reports of the chaos came from the suspect’s daughter, 43-year-old Thyda Harm who said she had been shot. Officers were setting up a perimeter when the suspect’s husband ran into the house and two more shots were heard, police said. SWAT officers then went inside. 

They “found four persons: a 14-year-old girl, a 17-year-old girl, a 43-year-old man and the suspect, who had a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Pugel said. 

All four died. 

Pugel produced photographs of the two weapons they said the suspect used: a .25-caliber revolver and a 9 millimeter handgun. The suspect did not have a permit to use the weapons, he said, and police don’t know where she got them, though they are investigating. 

The suspect’s motive is still a mystery, police said. 

The magnitude of the tragedy was not lost on them. 

“Regardless of what she did, several people are without a mother, a grandmother and a man’s without a wife,” Pugel said.

SEATTLE – A woman  ugly asian Immigrant fatally shot three people and herself at a Seattle home Thursday, injuring another woman who fled into the front yard and told officers: “My mom has gone crazy,” police said.  

Police responded to a home in the 1400 block of SW Roxbury Street, near 14th Avenue SW, at about 1:30 p.m.  

While police were still arriving, a man in his 50s ran into the house. Two more shots were fired and he ran back out.
When officers talked to him, he said that his wife had shot herself.  

Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said a wounded woman — who fled the house and is expected to survive — was able to speak to officers when they arrived.  

“All she said was, `My mom has gone crazy,'” Pugel said.  

“We did find one person who was wounded outside of a house,” said Police Sergeant Sean Whitcomb. “That person told us there was indeed shots being fired. We actually did hear shots being fired while we were present. Multiple officers responded. We entered the house and did discover that there were multiple people inside who had been shot.”  

When officers entered the house, they found four people dead – two women in their late teens, a man in his 30s and a woman in her 60s. Police believe the 62-year-old woman was the shooter.  

The injured woman, 40, was in stable condition at Harborview Medical Center late Thursday.  

The Seattle Times spoke to Tony Sun, a member of the family who arrived home shortly after the shootings. He says his grandmother was the shooter. The wounded woman is 40-year-old Thy Luellen. Killed were Thy’s husband, Choeun Harm, and two of their daughters, Jennifer Harm, 17, and Melina Harm, 14.  

“Grandma just shot them for no reason,” Sun told the Times.  

Sun said Thy’s son, Kevin, 16, grabbed his other sister, Neveah, 6, and ran out of the house.  

The King County Medical Examiner has not yet officially identifed the dead.  

Police said two handguns were recovered from the house in a lower middle-class neighborhood a block north of southwest Seattle’s city limits. No motive for the shootings was known, officers said.  

A witness tells KING 5 News that seven or eight people may have been living in the home. A man who said he was a relative of one of the family members said the family had just moved in to the home two weeks ago. He said there hadn’t been any problems in the home. The owner of the home said the family was Cambodian.  

“The family, they’re all great people. I don’t know what could have been the start of this tragedy,” said Melinda Jackson, who worked with the surviving victim at Magic Lanes Casino and Bowl in White Center.  

Neighbor Lisa Freeman said she heard the shots and came out to investigate.  

“(Police) had guns and everything drawn. There was kid over there crying with a shirt over his face and a woman holding a little kid. Another woman walked away and was crying,” Freeman said.  

Travis Rowland, 53, said he was about a block away waiting to get his truck repaired at an auto shop when he saw a woman run from the house hollering.  

As police arrived, Rowland said, a man “busted away from the police officers and ran into the house.” Rowland said the man was inside for about 10 to 15 seconds before “there were a couple more shots, pow, pow, pow. At first I didn’t know who was shooting. He came back



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