Darwin Awards Dumb Mexican Julio Yanez of Aloha Threatens to Set Himself on Fire

Deputies Prevent Man From Lighting Himself On Fire
Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 09/26/10


Darwin Awards Dumb Mexican Julio Yanez  of Aloha Threatens to set himself on Fire over Romantic Troubles with Mexican Slut
They should have let him burn himself to death – we would have one less illegal Mexican – Migrant in Oregon. Now he is in Jail,but they won’t deport him , so we get to pay for his trial and his probation etc.

Summary of Event
Late Saturday night, Washington County Deputies learned that an Aloha man was planning to set himself on fire in front of his estranged girlfriend. Deputies were able to locate him and prevented him from harming himself.

Full Details
On September 25, 2010 at 11:23pm, Washington County Deputies received a call that 33-year old Julio Yanez of Aloha planned to kill himself in front of his estranged girlfriend. Deputies learned that Mr. Yanez was upset over the state of his relationship. He had planned to pour gasoline on himself and light it.

Deputies received a description of his vehicle, a 1994 green Saturn. Several deputies began to search the Aloha area in an effort to locate the Saturn. A deputy was fortunate to locate the vehicle and he attempted to contact Mr. Yanez. Mr. Yanez fled the scene and a brief pursuit ensued. Once Mr. Yanez was stopped, several deputies were on scene. The responding deputies noticed Mr. Yanez was smoking in the car. They gave several commands for Mr. Yanez to step out of the vehicle, but he did not respond.

Deputies on scene were aware that Mr. Yanez might have gasoline with him or on his clothing. They could also see that he motioned as if he was going to touch his clothing with the lit cigarette. Deputies quickly made the decision to break the window and extinguish the cigarette with a fire extinguisher in case he attempted to light the gasoline.

Due to the quick actions of the Deputies, Mr. Yanez was removed from the vehicle unharmed. He was arrested for Attempt to Elude, a felony and lodged in the Washington County Jail.


Attached Media Files: 2010-09/1128/38667/PR_101026-01_Deputies_Save_Man.pdf , 2010-09/1128/38667/Saturn3_(Small).JPG , 2010-09/1128/38667/Saturn2_(Small).JPG , 2010-09/1128/38667/Saturn1_(Small).JPG

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