ODOT Worker Philip Lane Hit By Drunk Mexican Teen in Washington County 2 Mexicans Arrested Gonzalo Hernandez Ramirez ;Rosa Ramirez Hernandez

Google Crime Victims of Illegal aliens. One more victim of the invasion and an American too. The police will not check the immigration status of this  “mexican genetic vomit”, nor deport their mexican breeders because we live in Oregon , where Illegal aliens are Special.

Two Mexican Trashy Anchor Babies Arrested For Furnishing Alcohol In Connection With Tragic Crash
Salem Police Dept. – 10/01/10

Fred meyer loves drunk mexicans and profits from the murder of Americans by Drunk mexicans - they also hire mexicans over Americans


Boulevard and I-5, Officer Ryan Morris of the Salem Police Traffic Control Unit identified two persons responsible for furnishing the alcohol.Kuebler Mexican male drove into a construction zone at 17 year old worker Philip Lane was seriously injured when an intoxicated ODOTIn following up on Wednesday night’s tragic crash where 

Officer Morris arrested Gonzalo Hernandez Ramirez, 20 years of age, who is a co-worker of the 17 year old driver; and Rosa Ramirez Hernandez, 22 years of age, who is the older sister of Gonzalo. They were both issued citations to appear in Marion County Circuit Court, each being charged with Allowing Minors To Consume Alcohol.

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