Death Threats From Monica the Mexican Anchor Baby:Mexicans Family Values= Violence

The driver of the vehicle, 42 year old Jose Narvaez, of Salem was deceased: following is the email from his daughter.

your a big PUSSY you should put your real name so us so called mexicans can do a drive by at your house and kill you. stupid dumb fuck get off your fucken white poor ass and do somethig with your white trash life that was my DAD.   its called a toxicology report hmmm something your to stupid for obviously get your fucken facts straight he was not drunk, accidents happen you should know that you were a mistake to your trailer trash ugly fucking whore of a mom lmfao. why you so mad hmm let me guess you got fucked in the ass by a mexican  wouldnt doubt it you learned how to sell your ass FROM THE EXPERT aka your mother i hope you die and go to HELL!!!!!! OH DONT FORGET I CAN TRACK YOUR IP ADDRESS YOU BETTER PRAY YOU DID THIS SHIT AT A LIBRARY IF NOT  IF I WERE YOU I WOULD ERASE THIS WHOLE THING OR WATCH YOUR PATHETIC BACK WHO KNOWS WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN KEEP ONE EYE OPEN AT NIGHT WHEN YOU SLEEP I CAN FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE WITH THE IP ADDRESS FUCKER by then hopefully you have killed your self.


picture of a mexican female in Texas who locked her two kids in a closet in a low rent hotel, let her boyfriend rape them and starved them almost to death mexican family values

 Stoptheinvasion replies:

 Violence and primitive revenge are mexican culture. You can see that Monica is against free speech and wants to kill anyone who upsets her. Obviously Jose did not raise his children well or they wouldn’t talk like mexi-trash gangsters from Salem.

Miss Kentucky Latina- an illegal alien from Mexico – lost her title because she stabbed a woman – an american woman in a store. So this violence is Mexican. Hell,thev’ve killed 28,000 of their own in mexico in the last few years and they aren’t even at war.

Thing is I have her ISP Address and the white pages , so her family is easy to track down and not just for me, but for anyone.  Not that I would even bother- It just proves that Mexicans are animals and need to stay in Mexico.FIN

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