President of Kenya Hussein Barack Obama Campaigns in Portland OregonFor Pro-Open Borders Democrat John Kitzhaber" Vote for Dudley!

President  of Kenya Hussein Barack Obama Campaigns For Pro-Open Borders Democrat John Kitzhaber” Vote for Dudley!

Seriously, Dudley is on record for using Everify in Oregon, which for this state is good. Someone asked if New York Senator Wyden or Mindless Merkley would be there. I doubt  it.


 President Barack Obama touches down in Portland on Wednesday to campaign for Democrat John Kitzhaber.Locked in a neck-and-neck battle for Oregon governor, Democrat John Kitzhaber is set to unholster what may be the biggest gun of his campaign — a visit Wednesday by the energizer He  He who does not believe in Democracy  in chief himself, President of kenya Barack Obama.

crime victim of an illegal alien now dead and Obama doesnt care

Obama’s drop-in, his first in the state since the 2008 elections, is timed to excite reluctant Democrats and independents who voted for him two years ago and now are desperately needed by Kitzhaber to push him past his hard-charging opponent, Republican Chris Dudley.

“The biggest impact is enthusiasm,” said Trent Lutz, who runs the Democrats’ coordinated campaign, aimed at maintaining the party’s edge in Oregon. “It’s the energy and momentum this brings, now that ballots have hit the mailboxes.”

That may be easier said than done, given Obama’s popularity ratings, which have fallen below 50 percent in Oregon, along with most of the rest of the country. Republicans say the stopover could backfire on Kitzhaber by tying him to a president who’s having severe message trouble at the moment.

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