Beaverton Oregon: Mexican S— Amada Gonzalez-Herrera Lies about Rape Robbery but isn't Arrested

Another example of one standard for illegal mexicans  and one for Americans.

What will Mexican National Amada Gonzalez-Herrera  lie about next and what American will she victimize?

 If an American woman had filed a false police report she would have been arrested. Amada Gets to waste taxpayer dollars.

What is really scary is there is nothing to stop mexican sluts like her from filing false police reports. In Washington County Mexicans are considered to be of   higher status then Americans.

Mexicans  love to lie are  vindictive and  are given free reign to do so by our government.Lying and using the police for their own ends  is a cultural trait of all Mexicans.

just another mexican breeder who let her ten year old daughter be raped

Did they bother to check her immigration status? Does she have a fake social too?


Today Sheriff’s detectives re-interviewed the victim in Tuesday’s Kidnapping/Rape case that allegedly occurred in the community of Cedar Hills. They confronted Twenty-seven-year-old Amada Gonzalez-Herrera (from Beaverton) with facts that contradicted her claims of being kidnapped and raped. She previously claimed that a man got in her car while she was at a stop sign and subsequently raped and robbed her.

Detectives have been diligently working on the case since Mrs. Gonzalez-Herrera reported the alleged crime. Over the last two days they have been gathering evidence that was slowly pointing to a false claim by Mrs. Gonzalez-Herrera. The victim’s car was seized and taken to the Sheriff’s Office for processing. Members of the Forensics Sciences Section searched that car and found evidence that the rape had not occurred in the car as the victim had claimed. She also claimed that the suspect forced her to take out $300 from an ATM, they found the stolen money in the glove box.

Once confronted with the contradicting evidence Mrs. Gonzalez-Herrera admitted that she may have imagined the events and it was all in her head. Mrs. Gonzalez-Herrera has voluntarily agreed to a mental evaluation and is currently at an area hospital.

No charges have been filed against Mrs. Gonzalez-Herrera at this time. The District Attorney’s Office will receive all the reports and make a decision if she will be charged for filing a false police report.

Attached Media Files: 2010-11/1128/39841/PR_101111_Rape_Case_Victim_Recants.pdf

lies lies lies -did she lie to cross our borders will they even bother to look into this ? NO

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