UPdaTe! Two More Ugly Mexican-Salvadoran Criminals Busted!Jose Luis AREVALO:Ramon Alberto MIDENCE: Caballero,Nestor Gabriel Ugly Mulatto El Salvadorian From Beaverton Oregon Robs American Gert Boyle in West Linn

this nasty illegal alien from salvador, lost his house that he owned illegally in beaverton this summer- says a lot about Oregon where immigration status is never checked. also was this an inside job because all the wealthy hire illegal mexicans and other hispanic illegal scum in oregon


murdered by an illegal alien, a crime victim. Is this how it's going to be that Americans have no protection or rights in their own country, while the invaders get away with violence simply by using the race card?

AREVALO,_Jose_Luis-criminal illegal alien from Beaverton Oregon's most Diverse City where Mayor Doyle never Checks immigration status

MIDENCE_Ramon_Alberto another Hispanic criminal from Aloha Oregon located in Wacko Washington county a few blocks from Beaverton- So were these fine Non-White Illegals working as Mexican Gardeners in West Linn?

West Linn Police arrest two more in robbery kidnap on Columbia Sportswear Chairman Gertrude (Gert) Boyle.
West Linn Police Dept. – 11/16/10

Arevalo, Jose Luis
Arevalo, Jose Luis

West Linn-In the course of the investigation of the home invasion robbery/kidnapping of Gert Boyle, Chairman of the Board of Columbia Sportswear, the West Linn Police arrested Ramon Alberto MIDENCE (41 of Beaverton) on Sunday November 14, 2010. He was lodged at the Clackamas County Jail on Burglary1, Robbery 2, Coercion, and Assault 4 charges, he is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

On Monday November 15, 2010 Jose Luis AREVALO (47 of Aloha) was arrested on Kidnapping 1 and Conspiracy to Commit Kidnap charges, he is also being held at the Clackamas County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Investigators from the WLPD as well as the Clackamas Major Crimes Team are working tirelessly processing the evidence collected in this case. There is no further information available at this time, as this is an ongoing investigation.

Break to first entry

Victoria Taft_ who has a  High-Brow Radio show and Blog- Came to My Low-Brow, Racist,Disgusting Blog and wrote” I find this post offensive. What he did was bad enough without you resorting to ugly, racist name calling.
BTW: he’s from El Salvador.

 Victoria – Every Legal American is a Crime Victim  of  the illegal alien invaders.Maybe now that the CEO of Columbia Sportswear , Boyle , was targeted and Robbed, Oregon will start taking the invasion seriously. So, was Nestor a gardener working in the area? Why did he commute to rob a wealthy home?

West Linn- On Wed. November 10, 2010 at 5:50 P.M. the West Linn Police Department responded to a residential alarm call. Responding officers found the alarm was triggered by Gert Boyle, who was the victim of a home invasion robbery. Officers from West Linn, Lake Oswego, Oregon City and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the initial search, however the suspect was not found.

At 11:20 P.M. West Linn Officer Allister Bunch saw a man matching the suspect description at a local McDonald’s. He stopped to investigate, and the man was subsequently arrested by officers. His name is Caballero,Nestor Gabriel (112970) of Beaverton, OR.

Mr. Caballero was lodged at the Clackamas County Jail on Burglary, Robbery and Kidnap charges.

Attached Media Files: Caballero,Nestor Gabriel

(Victoria Taft has a blog under her name and a radio show, and she posted with links to her blog so I am not violating her privacy by using her name )

, Victoria is playing into the hands of the leftist, La raza Brown- skinned mexicans.Mexicans , culturally speaking,  have no problem with extreme violence towards anyone who stands in their way.

By the way, Victoria , I am not interested in fighting with you  over this, but I did feel I should respond before you start a witch-hunt against me, while ignoring the crimes of the invaders, and every illegal alien is a criminal and a parasite to the USA .

 Victoria is concerned that my trashy vile racist blog is a plant by the left. No,  I am just  using the Shock Troop Method , developed by my Celtic Ancestors , to over-come   the Giant Wall of  Silence about  the Invasion. The Media and Corporations use the Race Card all the time, as do the brown-skinned non-white invaders, who have organizations like La Raza to promote their own kind. They are extremely racist, which is why my blog is a much-needed counter-balance.


West Linn Police arrest home invasion suspect***UPDATE MUG SHOT ATTACHED****

West Linn Police Dept. – 11/11/10

Caballero,Nestor Gabriel
Caballero,Nestor Gabriel


Busted! Caballero,Nestor Gabriel Ugly Mulatto El Salvadoran From Beaverton Oregon Robs American Gert Boyle in West Linn": Illegal aliens Latins have turned to robbing Americans , rather then Self deport: This Illegal Scum was living In Mayor Doyle's Most Diverse City : Beaverton Oregon where Immigration papers are never checked and illegal aliens have more rights then Legal Americans

the first illegal alien from Salvador - the Mullato- who I heard foreclosed on his House in Beaverton , Oregon's Most Diverse City last summer and I am still thinking he must have had a landscaping business or how would he know about Gert Boyle

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0 Responses to UPdaTe! Two More Ugly Mexican-Salvadoran Criminals Busted!Jose Luis AREVALO:Ramon Alberto MIDENCE: Caballero,Nestor Gabriel Ugly Mulatto El Salvadorian From Beaverton Oregon Robs American Gert Boyle in West Linn

  1. I find this post offensive. What he did was bad enough without you resorting to ugly, racist name calling.
    BTW: he’s from El Salvador.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      Also I dont care if you find it offensive. I find the takeover of oregon by illegals from non-white third world countries offensive. I find that Americans have fewer rights then non white illegal aliens offensive. Also the robber is most likely part African. You see, Mexicans and other 3rd world hispanics like to cover up the huge number of black african slaves they mated with. They hate Europeans but love it that we think they are all spanish and a little indian. It’s just another fact I point out that isn’t racist. If a robber is white and robs a bank, the police say white male.Indeed in wacko washington county, all the black and brown skinned mexicans they arrest are listed as white males. In Vancouver wa, the police are so afraid of the race card , that no matter how violent the crime, all they will say is a male did something.
      thanks for the tip. and no my blog isnt a plant by the left.
      I decided that I wasn’t going to tip toe and play the game of never triggering the race card , rather I would play it full tilt in reverse. why? because if one doesnt one can’t even bring to attention to the masses how much crime is being committed by foreign nationals of largely non-white origin . those foreign nationals proudly use the race card and the ethnic card 24/7, but they are not called on the carpet for racism or anything else. The media continues to hide the huge number of “lets face it non-white illegal aliens and immigrants who commit crimes”. Indeed if the police checked immigration status instead of tiptoeing around the illegal aliens like they weren’t puppies rescued from some puppy mill, we wouldnt have the crime problem in oregon. I suggest you check out the mug shots for Milton’s county. Also my blog is supposed to be offensive. It needs to be for shock value , because the PC media denial is so great in oregon. This was just tone of hundreds of robberies committed by illegal aliens who happen to not be white in Oregon. The media ignores it.
      so the people dont know how bad it is here.

  2. Tyler Shaw says:

    Just how does “ugly mulatto” add anything of importance to this. Why is that relevant? As far as the ugly part, that’s like saying “the sky is blue”. Regarding mulatto, I don’t give a crap who bred with who. He’s an ILLEGAL, and the crime was 100% avoidable.

    “Also, my blog is supposed to be offensive. It needs to be for shock value…”

    No it doesn’t. This blog could have been a valuable resource… But, it’s trash. All the time and effort went to waste, because you’ve laced the whole thing with slurs and specious assumptions. The few comments you do have (aside from Victoria’s) are primarily from Mexicans calling you a “white faggot”.

    How the Hell does Obama on a Cream of Wheat box, or calling Sam Adams a faggot provide a “much-needed counter-balance”? This blog is just doing damage to the cause.

    “Victoria is just playing into the hands of…”

    Really… So you’re dancing happy face emoticons next to the name of a dead Mexican (you called a wetback) are not. Was the comment “It’s sad they didn’t all die in the crash” part of your “Shock Troop Method”?

    This blog is just doing damage to the cause. It would take a lice comb the size of Connecticut to clean this shit up.

    • stoptheinvasionoforegon says:

      oh PS – Did it occur to anyone that Gert Boyles was robbed because perhaps, she and every other affluent homeowner in Oregon, hires illegal aliens from mexico or central America , who are criminals and who will rob if they lose those cushy jobs mowing lawns? Connect the dots. Fire your Mexican Salvadoran Gardener whom, of course , are not white. Via La Thought Police!

      oh Good the thought police have decided to contact me directly , from the head offices of the Spare Bedroom.
      It’s called Free Speech and it’s my blog. I do not belong to a cause. but I know that whenever people do have a Cause they immediately destroy others within the parameters of their Cause , rather pursue their stated Ideals. Communists are a great example. The Left is a great example. It happens all the time. I am not part of Victoria Taft’s Cause. I went my own way.
      By the way, and why can’t I use the word Mulatto?
      Because , its really scary for White People, who don’t want to admit they don’t want to be African or Black?
      If I said a robber was Scottish , or a white male would that offend you?
      No. A very leftist PC lesbian once told me that it was discriminatory to identify the gender of a rapist.
      So, let’s take gender out of the it too.
      I doubt you care so much about the crimes committed by illegals or the invasion of oregon, what you want is to be is a really perfect, high and mighty white person, who never says anything bad or racist. What is really scary is that the thought police , like yourself , who want to make sure that no one is ever offended.
      so , don’t let the cyber door hit you on the way out

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