Mexican Trash In Kelso Arrested Marcial F. Gonzalez Martin A. Orozco,:Robbery of Americans by Illegal Mexicans

 Mexican Trash In Kelso Arrested Marcial F. Gonzalez Martin A. Orozco,:Robbery of Americans by Illegal Mexicans

Mexicans aren’t self deporting, after stealing fake ID, they now rob Americans in their own homes. The Invasion of the US has turned into an Invasion of private homes by Mexicans. I bet they mowed the lawns of these people before they robbed them.Fire Your Mexican Gardener

They arent men nor are they legal residents of the USA

Deputies catch burglary suspects with stolen jewelry
Cowlitz Co. Sheriff’s Office – 11/10/10

Longview, Wash – at about 08:42 a.m. this morning a Castle Rock resident reported two men were at her residence. She reported the theft of jewelry, and stated that one of the men commented he was armed with a gun and had a warrant. Deputy Fred Taylor who was patrolling in the area found the men fleeing the area on the bicycles stolen from the victim. Deputy Taylor took one of the men into custody and the other fled. Other deputies, Castle Rock Police and a State Trooper contained the area. Deputy Brad Bauman found the second suspect minutes later and took him in to custody.

Several pieces of the stolen jewelry were found on Marcial F. Gonzalez, 21 years old, of Kelso. He was also found to be in possession of Heroin. He was booked for Residential Burglary, VUCSA, Theft 3, Obstructing and an outstanding warrant. $50,000 bail.

The other suspect, 18 year old Martin A. Orozco, of Kelso, was booked for Residential Burglary, Theft 3, Obstructing, Providing false statements, and two outstanding juvenile warrants. His bail is $15,000.

Deputies searched the immediate area, but no gun was been found

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