In Arizona Illegal Mexican National Jacinto Huepalcalco-Meneses arrested: Fake ID Operation

That’s why We Need the ReallyRacist Arizona Immigration Enforcement law because Illegal aliens who commit criminal trespass to live in the US, think having Fake ID is also a right and not a criminal act.  

PHOENIX (AP) – Authorities say they have arrested an illegal immigrant and shut down a fake ID manufacturing operation in Phoenix.

Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives operating with the Arizona Fraudulent Identification Task Force executed a search warrant this afternoon at a central Phoenix home.

They say a man inside of the residence was in the process of delivering a fraudulent Arizona drivers license that he had just manufactured.

Detectives say they seized high dollar computers/printers along with card stock, lists of names to be used for fraudulent documents, $1,200 and a CD that was an instruction template for making ID cards in other states.

Authorities say 28-year-old Jacinto Huepalcalco-Meneses was arrested on charges of manufacturing fraudulent documents, identification theft and operating an illegal enterprise.

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