In Remembrance: Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens

kris eggle 28 year old park ranger murdered by an illlegal mexican

crime victims of illegal aliens

gonzalezmartinez- this mexican slut had her white boyfriend stabbed to death by her illegal alien brown mexican lover

Americans killed by illegal aliens throughout the USA. This is only a partial list of innocent Americans lost to illegal immigration.

even in their own country mexicans have murdered 30,000 of their own., they do not respect Life or laws

SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. The media has turned a blind eye to the over 5000 Americans killed yearly by these illegal aliens.

YouTube – Lost Americans to killer illegal aliens

murdered by his hot latina girlfriend - another American Dead

Police officer killed by an illegal alien. when this first happened I thought deportation would happen, but no all Americans are worthless

Video: Lost Americans to killer illegal aliens | National Policy Institute

another American Murdered by an Illegal alien in the US

beheaded by an illegal chinese man on the bus, yet the media buried the story because the Corporations want unlimited immigration

beheaded by a chinese illegal alien riding the bus-

Chandra Levy murdered by an illegal alien from Central america

murdered by an illegal alien from Mexicokilled by an illegal alien from mexico

dani_countryman murdered while fighting off rape by two illegal mexican gardeners in Oregon and the Oregonian attacked her for being poor
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