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Christian Garcia: Mexican Anchor Baby Or Illegal alien?Wastes taxpayer's money in Beaverton Oregon's Most Diverse City( ie Immigrant hell-hole)

Christian Garcia: Mexican Anchor Baby Or Illegal alien?Wastes taxpayer’s money in Beaverton Oregon’s Most Diverse City( ie Immigrant hell-hole) If you click on the link below you will see one of the millions of generic mexican children in the US. … Continue reading

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Beaverton Oregon: Mexican S— Amada Gonzalez-Herrera Lies about Rape Robbery but isn't Arrested

Another example of one standard for illegal mexicans  and one for Americans. What will Mexican National Amada Gonzalez-Herrera  lie about next and what American will she victimize?  If an American woman had filed a false police report she would have … Continue reading

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Mendoza delacruz, Luis Alberto Criminal Illegal Alien Busted! Portland Oregon Sanctuary City for Mexican Midgets:Felony Violence Drunk Driving

  SWIS ID: 749570 Name: Mendoza delacruz, Luis Alberto Age: 30 Gender: Male Race: Hispanic Height: 5 ft 7 in Weight: 150 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Arresting Agency: Portland Police, North Precinct Arrest Date: 9/3/2010 9:14 AM Booking Date: 9/3/2010 … Continue reading

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Murderous Violent Illegal Aliens Manuel Garcia-Ceja Lorenzo Garcia-Ceja extradited from Mexico

 Co. District Attorney’s Office – 11/04/10 Gee, Couldn’t they have accidentally run the nasty mexicans   over with a van and saved the taxpayer’s the money of convicting the two worthless mexicans  and paying for their time in  prison? It’s not like our … Continue reading

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Mexican Drug Trash Busted: RACHEL ANGELINA PEDROZA,19 Teen Latina Slut On Drugs:DANIEL ISIDRO VAZQUEZ:Hispanic Family Values

05/10 Vazquez Two people  mexicans-anchor babies or illegals- Interesting to note the Teen Latina Slut has a non-mexican Name of Rachel. note her five year old son that she must have had with one her mother’s  boyfriends. Great Country- we need more … Continue reading

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OSP Traffic Stop leads to 1.1 lbs. of Cocaine, Marijuana and Three Arrests near Bend (Photos) HI my name is ugly illegal mexican drug dealer. I voted illegally for ron wyden beause he makes my job possible   Oregon State Police – … Continue reading

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ARIZONA STATE SENATE FACT SHEET FOR S.B. 1070: Illegal Aliens are guilty of criminal trespass

If Oregon Police and Judges  enforced the laws concerning trespass , almost every mexican here would be deported or at least arrested and perhaps inclined to self deport.It’s bull-shit what they get away with. ARIZONA STATE SENATE Forty-ninth Legislature, Second Regular … Continue reading

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