Busted! Shooting in McMinnville Oregon Ugly Illegal Mexican Gangster Jairo Josue Estrada Velazquez & Carisa Lynn Botello McMinnville Oregon

   Busted! Ugly Mexican Gangster Jairo Josue Estrada Velazquez  & Carisa Lynn Botello McMinnville Oregon

 He was already in jail on possession of a forged instrument , which means fake social or green card

ICE Hold.


The cowardly staff of the Oregonian needs to report the immigration status of these dangerous criminals accurately so the reader can be the most informed about this wretched invasion of our country.

McMinnville Police arrest alleged shooter from weekend shootings

Press Release Update:
On April 6th, 2011, McMinnville detectives arrested one individual involved in the drive by shootings at two McMinnville residences on April 2nd. They also arrested Carisa Lynn Botello, of McMinnville, for her efforts to protect the suspect and attempting to recover the evidence before the police found it. Detectives have also recovered the firearm believed to have been used in the two shootings. The male suspect, Jairo Estrada Velazquez, of McMinnville was in custody from unrelated incidents and was charged today for his involvement in this shooting incident.

Velazquez if he isn't the ugliest career criminal mexican- illegal or anchor baby? thousands of mexicans just like him bankupting the state

McMinnville Police Dept. – 04/06/11

Glass impact 19th and Adams

Botello- his Cougar of a halfbreed mexican gangster moll- puta- note her half white mom - she is what anchor babies become in Oregon- criminals.still she puts blond highlights and has sharpie eyebrows showing she is still a mexican

Glass impact 19th and Adams

Jairo Josue Estrada Velazquez, DOB 06/13/1992, of 804 SE Morgan Lane, McMinnville was arrested on additional charges at YCCF and is pending arraignment for the following charges:

Unlawful Use of a Weapon – 2 counts SRA $10,000.00
Menacing – 1 count SRA $ 5,000.00
Reckless Endangering – 8 counts SRA $40,000.00
Attempted Assault in the First Degree- 3 counts SRA $30,000.00

Carisa Lynn Botello, DOB 01-10-1976, of 804 SE Morgan Lane, McMinnville was lodged in YCCF pending arraignment for the following charges:

Hindering Prosecution SRA $5,000.00
Tampering with Evidence SRA $5,000.00

Anyone with information regarding these suspects or either of these incidents is asked to contact Detective Christensen at 503-435-3495.

Previous Releases regarding this incident:

McMinnville Police Department Officers responded to the area of NE 9th Ave and Logan on April 2nd, 2011 when a caller reported at about 11:00 pm that someone fired a weapon with at least one bullet striking the complainant’s residence. Upon arriving at this location officers confirmed the residence had been hit by gunfire. There were several people in the residence at the time of the shooting, but no one was injured. The bullet came to rest approximately two feet from two young children on a bed.

The suspect vehicle in this incident was described as a red or gold smaller sport utility vehicle with two occupants.

Approx 15 minutes later at 19th and Adams, a caller reported that they had heard some loud noises and heard glass breaking in their apartment. Upon arriving at this location officers confirmed the residence had been hit by gunfire. The house was occupied at the time of the shooting, but no one was injured.

There are several leads we are pursuing and the investigation is on-going at this time. Initial indications are that the two shootings are probably connected and gang related. McMinnville Police Department was assisted in this investigation by both Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police.

Anyone with information regarding either of these incidents is asked to contact Detective Christensen at 503-435-3495 or Detective Formway at 503-434-2340.

Attached Media Files: Glass impact 19th and Adams , Bullet damage 9th and Logan , INtersection of 9th and Logan , Botello , Velazquez

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