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Check Out 4 Mexican Teen gangsters Steal Car w/ Stolen Guns In Marion County Oregon Anchor babies? Illegal aliens? Mexi-trash !

Four Suspects    Mexican  Meth Puta with sharpie eyebrows lied to Police about who she was- those nice hardworking mexicans, Obama’s pathway to citizenship . So how much did all  this cost Oregonians and why Is Ron Wyden and Obama and … Continue reading

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Obama Plans to Give Amnesty to Illegal Invaders This Year: Roy BecK says No way Jose!

Update! Obama is moving forward with Amnesty June 24th, 2009,along with numerous other deals to shaft Americans n  favor of criminal Illegal aliens  go to now and send a fax to Obama Standing Up To The Irrational: Can Obama … Continue reading

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Deport United States Senator Ron Wyden for High Treason against the American People

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