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Drunk Speeding 139 miles per hour. Illegal Mexican Motorcyclist Busted! Marco Alfonso Huerta-Castillo : Portland Sanctuary City

Drunk  Speeding Illegal Mexican Motorcyclist Busted!  Marco Alfonso Huerta-Castillo :Portland Sanctuary City Portland Police Arrest Drunk Motorcycle Rider Going 139 MPH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2FvScBRdcQ What if you, an American citizen was hit by the Illegal drunk mexican and your family was killed? … Continue reading

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Feb 9th-Drunk -ARIAS-LARA,SILVIA- Illegal Mexican Breeder Arrested /GONZALEZ,OSBALDO AZAEL Meth & Felony-In Washington County oregon

Feb 9th-Drunk -ARIAS-LARA,SILVIA- Illegal Mexican Arrested In Washington County oregon Remember all Hispanic (picture is not of the latina puta arrested but of another latina illegal puta arrested in Multnomah county oregon)Illegal Crimnals are white in washington county, and The Oregonian … Continue reading

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