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Powells Books Of Oregon Brainwashes Kids : Pushes Hussien Barack Obama Propaganda to Kids

Disgusting Disgusting Disgusting Dead White Men are so Over at Powells, Powells also has a button in the kid’s section for Cinco de Mayo , but not Christmas or Halloween, for Martin Luther King but not Thoreau or Mark Twain.In other words, the … Continue reading

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Hussien Obama President gets Nobel Peace Prize But Obama Promises Amnesty

Obama the Magick Negro promised to bomb Pakistan during his campaign to buy the Presidency. lets see what a Piece of Male he is when he tries to force Amnesty on the American People next year. Go back to Kenya … Continue reading

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Hilarious Racist Obama humor: Obama the Magick Negro

stolen from southafricasucks blog; my new name for obama is Bam Bam What they were REALLY saying during ad breaks December 13th, 2008 Sent in by EVDM… Posted by uhuru-guru in Uncategorized | 18

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